How to recover the Google Play account or password of my Android cell phone Very easy!

It can happen for various reasons lose your Google Play account on your cell phone, preventing you from being able to use it in the best way. Whether it’s because you’ve lost your phone or you’ve forgotten your account and/or password and need to log in on another device, it’s important to have your Google Play account available.

Do not confuse the errors to access the Google Play account with the loss of the email or the password. These can be easily fixed by following Google’s instructions.

Here we will explain to you in a simple and fast way how to recover your google play account or password, so that you can use your Android again without problems. Usually, the Google Play account is associated with a Gmail account.

How to recover my Google Play account?

To recover your Google Play account, you must first know what you need, if the email, the password O The two. That is why we explain in a simple way how to recover both. Similarly, if you experience a problem with the Google Play Store app after your account is recovered, you may need to fix the “Google Play Store services has stopped” error.

person holding cell phone opening google account

Retrieving email

  1. On the page to enter an account, Google will ask you for the email to log in and you will click Forgot your email?
  2. It will ask you for the phone number associated with your account or the alternate email address associated with it to send to you. Enter the data and press Following.
  3. Next, it will ask you to enter the name that you have registered with the email. Fill in the boxes and press Following.
  4. Depending on the information you entered, if the phone number or email alternates, you will be notified that a code will be sent to you. Press Send and wait for the code.
  5. You should check your phone or alternate email to find out the verification code that Google sends. You write the code in the box and click on Following.
  6. Enter the name with which you registered the Google account, first and last name. Then you click Following.
  7. The email associated with your name will appear with which you can log in to continue using Google Play services. You will only need the password and that’s it.

It is important that you have Google Play updates up to date in order to enjoy its services. If it is the case that you were able to access but still cannot use the services because you have not updated Google Play, don’t worry!

There are simple ways to update Google play and have the latest version, so you can take full advantage of all the services it offers you.

person drinking coffee synchronizing google account

Recovering the password

If the case is that you do not know your password, you don’t have to be alarmed. Below we explain step by step how to recover the password of your Google account, and therefore, of your Google Play account.

  1. Enter the Google login page, where you will put your associated email and click Following.
  2. Then you will click have you forgotten your password? where you will then be asked to enter the last password you remember.
  3. Depending on the configuration of your account: Google will send you a notification to the mobile associated with the account, will ask you to answer some security questions or will request that you enter the alternative email.
  4. You can also choose how you want to verify your identity by clicking try another way.
  5. After verifying your identity, Google will send you a code to your email or phone so you can enter it and you can recover your account by changing the password. you click on Following.
  6. Next, you will have to generate a new password that has 8 characters minimum. We recommend that you create a combination of numbers, signs and letters to reinforce the security of your account.
  7. You confirm the password, click on Following and you’ll have your Google account associated with your Google Play account.

If you buy a mobile and it already comes with an associated Google account, what you should do is delete it. You will find that deleting a Google Play Store account is not difficult and can be done quickly.