How to recover my Steam account if I forgot my password, email or it has been stolen

Steam is a very popular video game platform today, it started back in the 2000s and has been one of the strongest until now. video game platforms, with the possibility of downloading any video game that they have made or purchased from its database, it has more than 40,500 video games available for purchase and immediate download.

It is undoubtedly a great option when choosing a platform to download a good video game and start broadcasting or simply start having fun, since many of these video games do not require many resources from your computer and they will be extremely fun for all the classics it has.

What is Steam and what platform does it work for?

Steam is also available for Xbox and Play Station making the experience it offers you don’t limit yourself to a single platform, that is why losing your account can be chaotic, nobody wants to lose their account on any social network, less than one in which when accessing you access the content that you already paid for.

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In other words, someone who loses access to their Steam account will eventually lose access to video games or their near future updates, since without access to your account you will not be able to update No video game and you will have to create an account in EA that is its competition or play free games like Fortnite and get free Skins as a newbie in the gaming field.

The true professional is we transmit a game on Facebook Gaming like a professional, with the games that we download from Steam or with the games that offers us the Facebook Gaming platform from our mobile device.

How to recover your Steam account

Before knowing how to recover your account, you should take into consideration that if it is not a simple forgetting of your password and you think it was stolen, you should report it by submitting a ticket to Steam support, generally what they will tell you will be to analyze your computer and change the password later so we will do it step by step.

First you must start by installing an antivirus, if you have a Windows PC this will be very easy since you have many options that you can use, if on the contrary you have a Mac you will have to analyze correctly if you need an antivirus or not since Apple has a closed system powerful for defense system and many times it will not be necessary.

  • For this first install the antivirus and make sure your PC is not infected With some Malware, once you have done this go to Steam and try to log in normally.
  • Once here you will receive a message saying “this password is wrong” either because you forgot your password or you were hacked, many times it is completely normal that if you were hacked it is through a Keylogger so if at this point the antivirus did not detect no malware or adware you can now proceed with the procedure.

Note: I emphasize this because today’s cybersecurity is very easily vulnerable, computer viruses attack more people than meets the eye and many times we can not do anything, but using a good antivirus and some logic we will defeat them.

I also recommend that before continuing you check your taskbar, whether you have it modified or not, you will need to right click and go to Task Manager, If at this point you haven’t done it yet, do so, as the Keylogger will be hosted here with the name of another application.

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  • Continuing with the recovery, click on “I forgot my password” and they will send you a message / notification to your email, it will be from here that you will continue with the process.
  • From the email, look for the Steam message, if it went to Spam you should make sure that no more emails go to the Spam folder, although if you did, you just have to check that folder.
  • From here you will get a link where you can click enter a Steam page from where you can easily change your password.

Remember to save your password in a place away from the virtual, so that be unhackable and never lose it, or learn it.

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