How to put your status to offline in Parcheesi Star? – iOS and Android

Playing in Parcheesi means that you will appear there connected while you are inside the application, be it playing or waiting to enter a game. No matter what you are doing and if you do not want them to reach you requests from other players or from your friends, then you must set your account status to deactivated.

For this you need to know how to do it, so with the advice and guys that we will give you briefly, you can do it. This is one of the new functions that have been included in the platform and the idea of ​​it is so that they do not disturb you during the game or if you are only there claiming prizes and you do not want to play either, so learn what to do to not showing up online in Parcheesi.

If you do not want any of your friends or contacts that you have included in the game to see you connected, then you can hide your game profile, through a simple process that does not show you active in the game of the others, which turns out to be very beneficial and practical if you wish.

On the other hand, you could unlink from Facebook, this in order that none of the people you have on said social network can send you any kind of notification about the game (be it to send you gifts, invite you to a game, start a conversation or more) . So to not be connected to said social network, then no one will see you online.

play anonymously

What is the way to avoid being sent game requests in Parcheesi Star?

Ideally, so that nobody sends you notifications to invite you to play is that you keep your Parcheesi Star account inactive, that is, that it appears completely disconnected. This is achieved only with go to settings and there uncheck the active status button, when you click you will not receive notifications from the game, but it also works if you close the Facebook session that runs in the same way from the settings.

What should you keep in mind before hiding your status?

When you go to hide your status, try to keep in mind that there are certain rules that the application prohibits and restricts you. If you want the status of the account that belongs to you not to appear active, then no one will be able to send you invitations to games because they do not see you connected, but in addition to that, there are other restrictions that we will tell you about below.

You won’t be able to talk to your friends

On the one hand, if the status appears hidden, then it will be impossible for you to establish some kind of chat with friends. Here you can only communicate with the participants of the game you are in, but it will not be possible for you to chat with someone else because you are not using your account but are playing anonymously with other people.

close session on facebook

In addition to this, it is not feasible that you can invite any friend of yours to play against you or on your team, since as you have been told, you are not in your account but you appear there as a stranger, because the same application takes care of your profile so there are no outside interruptions to disturb you while you are playing.

How to hide your online status in Parcheesi Star?

The process so that you do not appear online in this game is something too easy to do, first you must have the application installed on your mobile and open your account. When you are there, you go to the main menu clicking on the house icon so that you can go from there to the settings that appear in the upper right part of the cell phone (just to the right side of the amount of gems you have).

Click on this option and if you slide the information that appears in that new tab, you will see almost at the end a section that indicates ‘hide online status’, When you open this section, a lever will appear to mark green and thus your Parcheesi status will be hidden.

But for it to be executed, you must accept the conditions that this implies and that it shows you after click on the mentioned button. Here you can only play by inviting random friends and not your acquaintances.

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If you want to reverse this action, just repeat the same procedure but this time uncheck the lever so that it is gray again and voila, the state will be reactivated and your contacts will show that you are online.

How to unlink Parcheesi Star with Facebook?

Linking your Facebook to the Parcheesi Star game is very easy to do, then when you have already achieved it, but now you want to close your session because you no longer want to play there or because you want to add another profile, You must go to log out of your Facebook connection to give the other person permission to participate.

You don’t need much for it, just have the application on your mobile with your Facebook profile registered. You go to the beginning of the app and go to the settings (gear icon in the upper right corner). Then you must go to leave Facebook, press this option and confirm, It’s that simple, your account closes in a few seconds and someone else can log in.