How to put on a garbage costume in Adopt Me! of Roblox | In 3 simple steps

In the times in which we live, virtual entertainment is an everyday thing, online games can be very fun since they allow us to do almost anything, Adopt Me from Roblox, is precisely one of these interesting games in which we can adopt pets and even a child. The interesting thing about the case is that appearance is everything in the game, and dressing up as trash can help us get pets and other objects completely free, here in this article we will explain what we have to do to become garbage.

Where can you get the Garbage Suit in Roblox?

We have to open the game by looking for its icon on our mobile and clicking on it. On the right side of the screen we will see a drop-down menu, If we click on the white arrow with a pink background, We will see the available options. Of these we will locate one that has the shape of a tail that is just below the icon that has the shape of a cap.

Then, we have to write in the section for search, the one that is marked with a small magnifying glass, there we will place the word ‘trash’, when doing so we will see two garbage cans, one will be silver and the other of different colors, we will select the one that most attracts our attention and the one that we consider appropriate to achieve our final objective, which is to have fun and obtain free objects.

roblox adopt me hat

The idea is to manage to dress up as a cube and then attend events of all kinds, where many people gather as parties. In such a way that we can inform them that we are a garbage can and thus some of the users may leave us some other interesting object such as a vehicle, a pet or any other object of interest.

What is the correct procedure to become trash in Roblox?

Games without an internet connection are quite entertaining, but most of them do not allow us to customize our character, as if it is possible in Adopt Me, where we can find the garbage can costume, we can carry out this procedure and choose one of the outfits, and immediately we have to select any of the cylinder-shaped figures that we see on the screen available in the list of icons, these will allow us to completely customize the clothing of our avatar.

Near the end of the options, we’ll click on the white square next to the gingerbread cookie face. To the make this movement we will be able to become invisible. With these details ready, the only thing we need to make the costume complete is a top. To do this we go to the cap-shaped icon and again at the top, in the search section we will enter ‘trash’ and press search and we will see the available models, select one and complete the costume.

animal game with white background

To finish and give the final touch to our costume, we will change our name, for this we will click on it as we will edit by placing ‘Leave here the things you don’t want’, then we must click on ‘Back’ to return to the game with our new clothes, we can save these clothes with the name we want or we can start playing dressed as garbage.

What does the end result look like if you’ve done it right?

If we carry out each step correctly, the end result once we are disguised as a garbage can is that our character should not have any accessories, no clothing in sight, more than a simple discreet costume depending on the color that we have selected, when choosing the garbage can as clothing for our character in the game.

The truth is that the more discreet and similar to a real cube the selected color is, the better the results will be since more users could place the objects that they do not want to keep, likewise, the hair of our character will not have decorations of any kind, only should keep the lid of the garbage can thus completing the perfect disguise to get interesting objects. If we do it well, we will do very well, many users have stated that they have obtained great rewards wearing this disguise, so let’s try it.

game adopt me dog with collar

How to create a trash can to match your costume?

Garbage cans are part of the decorative objects with a purpose in Roblox Adopt Me, so we can place them in various objects and thus select one of the appropriate color in such a way that it matches our costume, like this we will give a royal touch to our appearance since instead of a single bucket, users will see two, which will give the clear impression that it is an area to place the objects that we do not need, do not want or are simply garbage.

Even if we consider this procedure difficult or for some reason the game stops attracting our attention, always we can download other fun games on our pc like Wanaka Farm that can help us in our individual entertainment and even receive real money rewards for playing.