How to protect your Outlook emails from Phising and keep your account safe?

Today there are many people who seek to make scams to get money or just to fill a system with virusesThey are doing this through emails, that is why today we will teach you how to protect your Outlook emails from Phising and keep your account safe.

What should you do to keep your Outlook data and emails safe?

Keeping your email safe is essential, since very private data is stored in it, these emails are prone to receiving emails with viruses, scams or extortion with spoofed emails, to keep your email safe and that these inconveniences do not happen to you, do the following :

Verify the legitimacy of the sender

To check if the email you received is legitimate, you can use the MessageHeader toolTo be able to use it, you should only place the header of the suspicious email on the page. To get the header of the email you must open the suspicious email within it, click on the three points and then on the Header Origin option, after you place the header on the MessageHeader page, you will be shown information about the email, such as the time in which mail was delivered, the servers the mail passed through before it reached yours.

person who does phishing

To decipher the information you have to compare the mail shown in the From section with the original sender’s email if they do not match it is because there is an identity theft, another characteristic that identifies a malicious email is the time it took for the email to reach your account

If the page informs you that the email reached you in 1 second, it is because the email is secure. If, on the other hand, it informs you that it takes 2 hours or more, it is because the email is not legitimate, if this is your case, do not open any attachment or enter the links that may have this email.

Another option you can use to verify the legitimacy of the sender is communicating with the person who sent it, ask him if he really did

Search for flaws in email content

It looks for errors within the content of the mail, for this it analyzes the spelling, writing, many times the emails with viruses and scams have bad spelling and writing.

How to prevent you from getting a ‘Phising’ scam in Outlook?

Currently the scams that are being done ‘Phising’ are made with the impersonations of emails of companies, companies, banks, social networks, web pages to achieve their mission, which makes people fall into them immediately, to prevent these scams Discuss the following and make recommendations.

computer where they do phishing

Many times the links that they send you to enter to obtain free coupons, to fill out data, for refunds, they are links in disguise for you to log in so you can get viruses or to provide information they use for scams. We recommend that you first view them above before entering them, to achieve this you can put the cursor over the link, at the bottom you will be shown the original link, if the address matches the coupon or the original invitation you can access in If not, do not enter.

Don’t download attachments from unknown senders Many times the unknown emails contain spies to monitor each of your activities, first valid the identity of the sender before downloading them. We also recommend that you make backup copies of your email, so as not to lose the information in case of fraud or something similar.

What are the best ‘Phising’ fraud protection tools?

There are several tools that offer you protection against ‘Phising’ scams. Among them we can find:


This tool offers protection for company emails, making backup copies of emails in the event of a ‘Phising’ fraud. To obtain it, you just have to enter and register on the official Mimecats page and click on the Download option.


This tool use artificial intelligence To protect emails, it informs its users when an email is reported for threats. To obtain it, you just have to enter the official Ironcales page and click on the Download option.

person victim of phishing

Microsoft Office 365 ATP

The above tools are good, but without a doubt the best is Microsoft office 365 Advanced Threat Protection because it works with a type of firewall that identifies ‘Phising’, that is, it analyzes information and authenticity of emails and notifies companies or companies when one of them contains a ‘Phising’. To obtain the Microsoft Office 365 ATP tool, you only have to enter its official page to buy it, it costs around 2 euros per month.

What to do when you were a victim of ‘Phising’ in your Outlook account?

If you are sure that you were a victim of ‘Phising’ in your Outlook account, the first thing you should do is change your password immediately, then check if the fraud was being done by a company or company, if so, you should report to Microsoft so that do what it takes to stop themTo make this report is very simple, you just have to go to the official Microsoft page for scam reports, fill out the form with the necessary data.

If you realize that the email you have received is an impersonation of a bank, the company should report this spoofing, To achieve this you must go to the list with all the messages received, find and select the message of the impersonated email, at the top you will find a menu, select the Mail option there, then the Impersonation option and finally the report option . If you feel insecure having the email you can block it and send it to the unwanted ones, so you can be more calm