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How to properly cool your Asus ROG?

Your PC overheating ? You would like know how to cool an Asus ROG? Indeed, when you experience this type of problem, it is possible then that this prematurely deteriorates the system. So to prevent this you need to know the origin of the overheated and of know how to fix this problem on your Asus ROG. This is why in this tutorial, we will first explain the elements which can lead to overheating. Then, in a second step, we will detail the procedures for cool your Asus ROG.


Why is your Asus ROG overheating?

Note that when your Asus ROG is on, the system will emit a certain heat. This will be cooled by the fan installed on your PC. However, when the tasks requested from the PC overload its capabilities. The latter then goes overheat abnormally. You will find yourself in this situation, especially when loading heavy software like the photo editing software or some video games.

This can happen in two cases. That is your Asus ROG does not have the technical specifications for this type of software. Or it is possible that it is cluttered. On the latter case, you can clean the system by carrying out the methods proposed below.

You must be careful of do not underestimate the first signs of a overheating on your Asus ROG .. These will most often be followed by slowdowns and a thud of your system. As soon as you notice these elements, we suggest that you control the temperature of the processor . We will detail the procedure below.

Check the processor temperature on an Asus ROG:

For check the CPU temperature of your Asus ROG. You will need to install a dedicated application. We recommend that you select HWmonitore Where Core temp. These are very simple use. It is therefore possible to monitor the processor temperature in real time on your PC. Generally, it should not exceed 100 degrees. Pass this temperature, overheating could spoil the other elements as indicated below.

Problems generated by overheating of the CPU on an Asus ROG:

The elements of your Asus ROG turn out to be rather sensitive and are not designed for operate with high temperatures. Therefore, when the temperature of the CPU will be unusually high for a certain period of time. It happens that you meet a fatal error with your system accompanied a blue screen problem on your Asus ROG. As a result, it is not uncommon for you can no longer turn on your Asus ROG because the latter often puts safe the time that the temperature drops again.

The procedures to follow to cool an overheating Asus ROG:

So that you no longer suffer from futures temperature rises and allow cool your processor. We suggest that you follow the methods given below.

First of all, it is useful to start by cleaning the system so as to declutter it. Then we advise you to adapt the environment in which is your Asus ROG including its support. Following this, if that is not enough, you will probably have to reduce the overload on the CPU so that the temperature cools. In particular in disabling some apps in the background or even by temporarily switching off heavy software.

Clean up your Asus ROG system:

To prevent your system from being overload. You have to to clean frequently. For this, it is recommended that you use the Disk Cleanup feature on Windows 10. Without forgetting to discharge your memory by saving heavy documents on an external storage device such as the OneDrive or an external hard drive. Also think about empty your Recycle Bin sometimes.

To have more explanations regarding this type of solutions. We recommend that you read the tutorial below: How do I clean my Asus ROG?

Get a ventilated support for your Asus ROG:

It also happens that the concern arises from the support on which you have placed your PC. It is important that the latter is a hard component to give the possibility to fan to turn properly.

You should know that there is ventilated supports who are able to cool the system. You can buy this kind of equipment in multimedia stores such as Fnac, Darty or Boulanger.

If the fan is working painfully. This means that it is congested with dust. It will then be necessary to clean. You will find the technique with the detailed steps in the tutorial below: How do I clean the fan of my Asus ROG?

Decrease the processor overload of your Asus ROG:

You should know that background process your PC performs actions. However, these are not essential all the time and risk overload your CPU. So, feel free to check which apps are set this way and remove those you don’t need. For this, we suggest you perform the method indicated below. In the event that this is not sufficient, you will need to temporarily cut off the program that occupies your processor the most.

Disable the apps in the background on your Asus ROG:

  1. Open them Windows settings using the keyboard shortcut Windows + i,
  2. Select “Confidentiality”,
  3. And you will have to go to the subsection “Background application”,
  4. Deactivate apps not necessary for your use, within the list.

Temporarily turn off heavy software or video games on your Asus ROG:

To avoid generating the famous blue screen of death on your PC and risk not be able to turn on your Asus ROG again. We strongly advise you to cut the application which takes up most of the CPU’s capacity.

To find out which one is in question, you must open the Task Manager. To do this, click on the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys. Then on the “Task Manager” button. In the “Processor” column, press once on the header so as to bring up the application which overloads the CPU. Then do right click on the task and choose “End of task” within the context menu.

In conclusion: For cool your Asus ROG, it will be necessary to unload the CPU by cleaning the system. Subsequently it will also be advisable to deactivate apps that you no longer use. You can also if you want perform a scan with Windows Defender Antivirus. This way you can guarantee that your Asus ROG is not infected with malware that runs in the background.

If you ever want more information on your Asus ROG, we invite you to explore the other pages in the category: Asus ROG.

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