How to prevent my iPhone or iPad from connecting to a WiFi network automatically?

Wifi networks are a way to connect your phone to the Internet. Your iOS device will have the opportunity to save the ones you want. However, if you connect to the option to connect automatically, this saved Wi-Fi will connect without your consent, to avoid this action you can take significant measures, if you want to do it, you just have to stay reading this article, here we will explain how to prevent your iPhone or iPad from connecting to a network WiFi automatically.

How can you disable the automatic connection of iOS devices?

Your Apple device may sometimes only connect to Wi-Fi networks, this usually happens because Do you have the automatic connection function activated?. You did this from the settings of your iOS device when connecting to the network, but if you want to deactivate it for any reason, you just have to follow these steps:

don't automatically connect to wifi

Turn off auto join on iPhone or iPad

  1. The first thing is to enter the settings of your device, for this you will have two options: the first is from the menu of your applications, go to the one with a gear symbol and say settings or configurations, the second option is from the notification bar , for this only you have to slide your screen from top to bottom and here you will see the settings option.
  2. When you find the settings icon, press on it to enter, here you will find a series of settings.
  3. Now you must go to the Wifi options, it is among one of the first options of your settings, when you see it you must press on it to enter.
  4. After being in the Wi-Fi option you will find at the top of your screen an option that will say settings, here you can solve problems with your Wi-Fi network.
  5. To deactivate the automatic connection you just have to go to the automatically connect to a wifi network and turn off.

By deactivating this option, Wi-Fi networks will connect only when you click connect, otherwise you will not have access to a Wi-Fi network.

Change network preferences on Mac

From your Mac operating system you can also change the options of change your automatic connection and turn it offfor this you just have to follow the following steps:

access wifi network from control panel

  1. Log in to your Mac operating system.
  2. Now you have to go to the Wi-Fi connectivity settings on your device.
  3. Being in these settings you must click next to the networks you have connected in a way to enter the settings.
  4. Now you just have to disable the automatic connection. To reactivate it, you just have to follow the same procedure and activate this automatic connection, it is very simple and fast.

How to remove a Wi-Fi network from an iOS device?

If you want to prevent your phone from connecting to a Wi-Fi network automatically, you can deactivate the option, but if these alternatives do not seem sufficient to you, you can choose to permanently eliminate it. will save this and you will have zero access to said Wifi networkit is a very drastic change, but if you want to do it, you just have to follow the following procedure:

With an iPhone or iPad

When you delete a Wi-Fi network from your iPhone or iPad device, its data will be definitively erased, so that you can use it again. network you must enter the password again and connect it. To eliminate a Wi-Fi network on your device, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Enter from your iPhone device to the settings of your phone, for this you can go to the menu and here search among all the applications your phone settings.
  2. When you meet you must go to him and enter. In doing so you will see a list of different options that you will have on your deviceyou must click on Wifi, it is one of the first options in your settings.
  3. Here you can find the network that you have connected, or if you do not have it, you will not be able to see it, to delete a network you must go to settings by pressing the icon that says i.
  4. Now you must search for the Wi-Fi network that is saved on your device and you want to delete it, when you find it, press on it.
  5. To eliminate it, click on Forget this network, here you will have a switch to generate the option.
  6. If you press this action the network will be deleted and your device will be permanently forgotten, you will no longer have anything in your storage on this Wifi network.

From Mac

If you wish remove wifi password on your mac device you can try to save this first, to do it you can see the password on your PC and have it in another place, you don’t know if you will need it later. To eliminate it you will only have to follow the following procedure:

  1. Sign in on your Mac.
  2. Now head over to Wifi settings.
  3. Tap on the Wi-Fi network you want to remove the network from.
  4. Here you will have various settings where you can modify, to delete the network you just have to click on forget network, wait for the action to be generated.
  5. By doing so your device will no longer connect to this Wi-Fi network.

disable automatic connection to the network

What is the way to ‘Skip a specific network’?

Sometimes your iPhone device vibrates without any explanation, this can occur because you have connected to a Wi-Fi network without permissionto make this no longer happen you can activate the skip specific network option and thus make it no longer vibrate, to do so you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Enter the settings of your Wi-Fi network.
  2. Now you just have to press a specific one.
  3. Being in these configurations you must click on the option to skip this network. This way it will no longer connect to your device without permission.