How to post statuses on Facebook Lite with colored letters? – Fast and easy

Posting statuses with colored letters on Facebook lite is very simple, for this you only need to enter a series of codes so that your statuses are filled with color, for example, discover how to do it, this way you will get the word with a red color, it is important that you always enter both codes since if you only enter one you will not get a successful result. If you enter the codes and it still does not work then we recommend that you update Facebook Lite to its latest version.

What is the way to change the color of the text in Facebook statuses?

In the normal Facebook App it is possible to change the text color but for this you also need change the background color of your status, in this way you could add the images available in your account or the color you want, in this way you can get many more likes in your statuses, now if you want to change only the font color of your status then that is only possible in the Lite version.

colors in facebook lite states

Only with Facebook Lite

If you want to change only the font color of your Facebook statuses, we tell you that it is only possible using the Lite version of this App, that is, you can enter the codes in your normal account but the final result can only be seen in Facebook Lite, in the original application you will only be able to see a series of strange codes.

In order to obtain a good result, it is necessary for the user to enter the code followed by the word you want to post and close the sentence by entering another code, otherwise you will not be able to obtain the desired result, it is important that you have the latest version of Facebook Lite, otherwise it will be impossible to update your statuses with the text full of color.

What kind of codes are required to change the color of the letters?

To change the font color of your Facebook status a ‘Shortcode’ is needed which is a code generated by the Facebook platform itself, which allows its users to change the font color in their posts.

Shortcodes are a series of abbreviated codes which you can enter in your web editor and these allow you to add features to your page without having to use much more formal codes or programming language.

Source code for each color

The color of the font will depend on the Foreground code you use, it is important to note that in this code the value is a hexadecimal, where the last 6 pairs represent the color and the first its transparency, Among the different colors that we can use are:

  • Fuchsia or Magneta color.
  • <+fg=b000ffff> light blue color.
  • <+fg=b0ffd700> gold color.
  • <+fg=b000ff00> green color.
  • <+fg=b0ff7f00> orange color.
  • <+fg=b0ffff00> color yellow.
  • <+fg=b06f00ff> dark blue color.
  • <+fg=b0ff007f> dark pink color.
  • <+fg=b0c0c0c0> gray color.
  • <+fg=b00000ff> color blue.
  • <+fg=b08f00ff> dark purple color.
  • <+fg=f0f00f0f> color red.
  • <+fg=b0ff00ff> pale pink color.
  • <+fg=b0000000> color black.
  • <+fg=b0800000> brown color.
  • <+fg=b0bf00ff> purple color.

facebook lite with colored letters

What App can I use to change the font color in Facebook statuses?

So far there is no external tool or application that allows users to change the font color of Facebook statuses, but what you can find are App that allow you to customize your Facebook profile and you can access it from the Play Store, among the best known Apps we can name:

Color Your Text Messages for whatsapp & facebook.

With this App, users can change the font color for both Facebook and WhatsApp messages, you can access it from the virtual store and it is completely free.

Pink Color for Facebook.

Pink Color for Facebook allows users to users modify the profile color of their Facebook icon, In it you can find different types of colors and ideal templates to make your profile look much more striking.

Fella for Facebook.

With this application you can customize your Facebook profile, Fella for Facebook offers its users a number of different topics with which you can make your profile look much more innovative.