How to Post on Multiple Social Networks at the Same Time – Linking

Linking publications is one of the tools that best serves us if we work with our social networks, which is now one of the most common ways to generate money, since monetizing your networks and making money with them is very simple, but of course requires our time.

Now, you can optimize your time if you link several social networks, since many times there is content that we want to be on all networks, even if you use social networks for fun it will serve you a lot, but how can you do it? You will see that there are communication applications that allow an automatic linking, you just have to look for its settings and options.

What are the social networks that allow the linking of posts automatically and how to do it?

There are social networks that we use every day that we did not know had that function and with just access your configuration options we can use them.

Facebook and Instagram

facebook account link

One of the main social networks that connect even when sharing a photo or a story is Facebook, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Open the Instagram application, which we recommend that you have updated to its latest version
  • Enter your account information, that is, your username and password
  • Access your profile
  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Click on ‘Account’
  • Find the linked accounts, and select Facebook
  • Choose the option from ‘Share on’

However, you can also do it in another way thanks to the new updates, although it will only work if you have its latest version, you must also enter your profile settings but you must click on ‘Account Center’. Here you can manage the experience between ‘Meta’ where you configure Facebook and Instagram to share stories and publications, you can link your accounts ‘Accounts and profiles’ and ‘Add accounts’

Twitter and Facebook

twitter application

If you want to connect Facebook with Twitter you will have to do it by entering from the browser, and putting in the link ‘/ twitter /’ In other words, the link should be like this: ‘:’

The profiles and Facebook pages that you have will appear and on the right side you must select which ones you want to link with Twitter, when you press the link button, your twitter account will appear and you must authorize the app.

You can also configure your Twitter to link it with Facebook, you only have to access your account, with your data, and enter your profile and then enter the ‘Settings’ section, here you must look for the Applications option, you will have to enter in ‘Connect with Facebook’ When you do, you will be able to link with your Facebook account.

Facebook and WhatsApp

person computer

The only way to link WhatsApp will be to do it with WhatsApp Business, download it, verify the code, write the name of your company and that’s it. After doing so, you will be able to link your WhatsApp Business account with a Facebook page, the process is simple, which you do need to also have a Facebook Business account, and then if you can proceed:

  1. Enter the Facebook page, enter the Settings.
  2. The option to configure accounts should appear, you must enter ‘WhatsApp’
  3. Indicate the number you want to connect.
  4. Enter the code that will arrive on your mobile on Facebook.

We remember that with WhatsApp you can also link and share your statuses on Instagram, you just have to learn how to do it and you can do it on your Android or iOS mobile.

What external programs can you use to link all your social networks?

One of the program tools that will be most useful to you will be Hootsuite, you can easily enter the Hootsuite page from your browser, this provides you with managing various social networks such as They are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube. Just by registering you can choose which plan you want to use.person reviews content

You can manage your networks, write and create publications, upload photos, add links and shorten them, without a doubt it provides you with monitoring of everything, even the comments. It will first ask you to log in and then connect with various social networks you want, then you will create tabs of your social networks where you can manage what you want to see from those networks. This tool is one of the best to gain followers on Instagram. What is it of the most used networks.

On the left side you will have an options bar where you can control and do whatever you want. For example, if you want to send a message or a publication on all networks, you must do this process, which we will indicate.

  1. You have to enter the platform.
  2. Click on ‘Write messages’ which is located at the top of the screen
  3. Write a message to publish which cannot be longer than 140 characters.
  4. Choose the social networks where you want it to be published and click on ‘Send’.