How to Play YouTube Music or Videos with Alexa – Amazon Echo

If you have asked yourself how can I play music or YouTube videos on my Alexa? Well, in this article we will explain it to you quickly, in addition, we will give you some other tricks to do this process. All this in order that you have several options to reproduce the content you want. We explain the complete process below.

What steps should you follow to be able to configure your Alexa assistant as a music player?

To set up Alexa And that can work as a music player or for podcast we will have several options, some more complex than others. In this case we will explain how to do it by linking the virtual assistant, by means of a Skill or via Bluetooth.

Link the Virtual Assistant

The first way to use Alexa as a media player is by pairing it with an external device. This to facilitate the process and is the fastest way to use Alexa as player, because you will not have to do any internal configuration or move anything. In all cases, to connect via Bluetooth you will only have to indicate it by a voice command.

Add a skill to Alexa

Another way to configure the virtual assistant to use it as a player is through skills. These skills are a set of tools that are used to improve some processes of the assistant. In this case we will install a skill so that Alexa can connect to YouTube and so it can function as a player.

play music with alexa

The first step will be to enter your Alexa account from its official page, this to have access to the console of your device. If you are not registered, you can do it quickly by following the steps on the website, later you will have to look for the button to create a skill, then you will be asked for a name and you can choose the one you want, the important thing is to put an associated name and then set the language, which in our case is Spanish.

Then you will have to load a series of instructions for the correct integration of the skillsThese instructions are usually given as default packages and can now easily be found on Alexa forums. Finally, we will have to finish the process accepting all the terms and conditions.

Bluetooth pairing

Bluetooth pairing is by far the easiest and you will only need another device that is the host and the one that loads the music from the internet. However, this process is a bit long, so we will explain it in more detail below.

How to connect other devices to play YouTube via Bluetooth?

In case of wanting pair Alexa with other devices that have Bluetooth such as for example a tablet, cell phone or even a computer that has Bluetooth that has the option of connecting to the internet and that has Bluetooth. In this way, the Alexa device will be able to reproduce everything that is sent to it from the other device. To make this possible it is necessary to pair both devices.

play videos with alexa

The first step to do this is to activate Bluetooth from the mobile device, once this is done we will have to enable the recognize option to other devices. Then, we will have to talk to Alexa and tell her to pair Bluetooth, by doing this Alexa will automatically search for the closest device and send the request to pair.

It is likely that at this time you will be asked accept pairing from mobile, so you just have to accept. By doing this, Alexa will tell you that the Bluetooth connection has already been established, so it will be ready to use, at this point you just have to play something from your cell phone or tablet from YouTube or any other platform and it should sound on your Alexa. It is important to deactivate Bluetooth once we finish using it, since it consumes battery unnecessarily.

What are the limitations when connecting via Bluetooth?

Despite being an old technology and with a limited speed, Bluetooth is very comfortable to be used when playing audio. This is because the amount of information that is sent to the device is very little, so quality is not lost.

play music with amazon echo

It should be noted that one of the things that can be negative is the range of the signal emitted by the devicess. So in many cases, if the terminals are too far apart, the connection can be lost or distorted audio can be heard.

Beyond this use Bluetooth does not represent a disadvantage, especially since we are talking about a wireless system that has enough speed to send and receive music files. Also, pairing on modern devices is almost instantaneous, so this won’t be a problem either.