How to permanently delete your Uber Eats account? – Tutorial

When you’re sure to unregister an account from Uber Eats, the process is easy to do. But if it is the first time that you are going to do it and you do not know how it works, then keep reading the information that we provide here so that you can learn to how to get rid of your account in this app correctly and permanently.

How do you know if you can create a new Uber Eats account with a number that you already used before?

It is necessary that you put yourself in direct contact with him Uber support or help to help you carry out this action, since depending on the time that has passed, your information may have been deleted.

Because you can try to do the normal registration that is done when you are hardly going to open an account at Uber Eats, but if there is a problem there, then you should contact the platform’s servers, through their official channels such as email or website. There they should give you enough information about what you need and they should help you solve the problem.

delete uber account

What is the way to unlink your phone number from Uber Eats?

Uber Eats does not allow users to be isolated to place orders, so at least they must have registered the phone number or email that they use with great frequency. But if you are going to change your phone number, you must unlink it from the app.

To do this, open the application on your mobile, go to the settings section and when you are there, look in your profile information for the phone number with which you are registered there. Then you hold down there and among the options appears delete or edit phone number (this is to place another) and when you finish press save and you verify the change by email.

How to permanently delete your Uber Eats account?

As we have already mentioned, to delete an account in Uber Eats the process turns out to be very simple to execute. It is enough that you have the application downloaded on your mobile and that you fully agree and sure in wanting to delete your information of said platform.

However, you can delete this if you are a customer of the service or if, on the contrary, you work for the company as a delivery person. Therefore, we will explain to you depending on the point of view of each one so that you manage to do it as the case may be that corresponds to you.

enter the app on the mobile

From the food App

To delete your account through the mobile application, you just have to enter it, go to the menu of the three horizontal lines at the top and go to the settings section and then go to the privacy tab (as if you were to delete registered address). When you are there you go down to the end and you will see a box that says delete account, press there and you will receive a code by SMS to the registered phone number, with which you confirm the deletion of the account.

By executing this, the platform will close your session and process the information itself so that your data will be deleted later in the understood time. It is also possible to do it from the Uber Eats website, you log in, go to the help section, then to payments and account, and then go to account settings. While there you delete, put the code and that’s it.

Of shipping workers

Now, if you are one of those in charge of making shipments from the platform and if you want to delete your account, then you must carry out one of the two previous processes that we have discussed, since it’s really very similar to this. The difference as such is that you must delete your account from the Uber application or through the website.

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You do not need to do it from Uber Eats alone, since if you do it from there it does not work effectively, so you have to do it from the Uber account. Here too your identity must be confirmed Through the momentary code that arrives by SMS and you will be asked for a photo of your identity document to confirm that you are the one who is deleting the account and not a third party.

How long does Uber Eats have to completely delete your data?

Once you have completed the complete process to delete an account from Uber Eats, the system does not eradicate the information immediately as soon as the request has been made, since it is very likely that users regret and wish to get it back again.

Therefore, it takes a span of thirty consecutive days to finally execute the action and thus there is no trace of the account on the platform. In other words, when you delete your account and a month passes after that, it will not be possible for you to recover it, because your data will permanently disappear on the server.