How to pay for Boost Mobile by phone

Pay Boost Mobile bill by phone

Call to Phone number to pay for my Boost Mobile phone, for Boost Mobile technical support, plans and cell phones, online offers, coverage, international calls and accessories. Boost Mobile has other channels in case of not being able to communicate in the customer service line in Spanish, below are the links of social networks and Boost Mobile website. There you can find phone numbers, address, service centers, technical assistance, customer service, phone insurance, questions about how to unlock phones in boost mobile, unlock phones and other information about the company.

Number to pay for Boost Mobile phone line

For Boost Mobile service payment by phone you can call 1-888-266-7848 or 1 866-402-7366. But you can also use the other options for online payments:

How to pay for Boost Mobile by phone?

The company has three methods for you to make your payment through your cell phone or mobile phone:

  • Boost Zone App – Pay Free: Download and enter the Boost Zone app, there they will give you the option that says “Pay for the month.” To make this payment, you must have a debit or credit card with sufficient funds to make the payment without inconvenience.
  • Dialing the code #ADD (# 233) – Free Payment: You must enter the #ADD code on your cell phone, there you will receive voice instructions that will explain step by step how to pay the bill with a credit / debit card.

Boost Mobile payments by phone as a guest

Make the payment for a friend or relative by calling the Automated Telephone System: Dial 611 from your telephone from Boost Mobile. Confirm that you call on your number of phone from Boost and you will hear the Main Menu of the automated system. There you must enter the phone number of the account you want to pay.

Boots Mobile Social Networks

The customer service operators are also available every day to attend to all your requirements and concerns. In order to obtain information about Boost Mobile, you can access:

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