How to organize a Webinar in Zoom easily? – Online events

Zoom is a platform for video conferencing, which is characterized by being a digital tool capable of providing the user with greater communication stability when broadcasting an online meeting. Here we will show you several aspects to consider when organizing a Webinar through this platform.

What are the differences between organizing a Webinar and a normal presentation on Zoom?

The Zoom tool allows you to offer distance interaction strategies, using formats for each type of content (virtual classes and marketing strategies), such is the case of Webinars or also known as webinars, which is usually developed with online events, whose goal is to bring together a group of people who share a particular interest.

Webinars share similar characteristics with online presentations; however, within their functions these two tools have some differences that are shown below:

  • A webinar is usually a live event, while presentations can be recordings to be viewed in future time.
  • A presentation makes use of keywords and graphics to show your ideas, while in webinars one of the communication strategies that is mostly used is public speaking.
  • If the objective of meeting in a work session is to seek greater interaction between the participants uses a Webinar, whereas, if what you are looking for is just to give a talk at work and be heard, a presentation can help you.
  • The webinar is used for a generally large audience, unlike normal presentations.

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How much does it cost to organize a Webinar within Zoom?

Although the Zoom platform offers you many advantages such as a free basic plan to hold online meetings with a maximum time of 40 minutes per 100 participants, it may not be convenient for you to use it if what you want is to organize a webinar from a more professional level and with a larger audience. For this you must have a Pro user account or higher than this, and in this case the minimum cost that Zoom offers you is $14.99 per month per subscription.

In addition to this, to manage an online event there are additional requirements to meet, which imply a higher cost, and it will depend on the number of participants; that is, the minimum plan has a cost of $40 per month and is capable of supporting a maximum number of 100 participants.

Now, if the Webinar you are going to organize is aimed at a greater number of participants, you can purchase additional plans starting at $140 per month for an audience of 500 participants up to a much higher amount of $6490 per month and allow to organize an event with up to 10000 participants.

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What do you need to know to correctly organize a Webinar on this platform?

In this section we will show you some of the most important aspects that you should consider when correctly organizing a zoom webinar, since prior to the online event you should consider the following:

  • define the topic to develop during the event.
  • Set the date and time of the event.
  • Selection of participants.
  • Know her registration form of the public.
  • Know how you are going to interact with the audience.

Know the form of registration of the public

It is necessary to be able to convey to the participants our interest in inviting them to the event, for this it is advisable to use the different communication tools that they make use of, either through social networks or the use of email. Once the public to whom we are going to offer the webinar has been selected, the tool that we use will be the greatest interaction with attendees, and facilitate registration for participants, in this case by sending an access link to their email or to the social network they use the most.

Know how you are going to interact with the audience

One of the benefits offered by this digital tool is that every day it is used more by users, therefore, the way of interaction between the speaker and the participants requires novel tools to share information on a specific topic. A web presentation, an online video and even interaction feedback tools through chat must be available in any webinar that we are going to organize.

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How is a Zoom Webinar organized?

One time met the prerequisites explained in the previous session, below, we will show you the basic elements to consider when organizing a webinar on Zoom:

  1. Verify that you have the Zoom app installed on your computer.
  2. On the Zoom home page, sign in with your username and password.
  3. Click on the webinars option and select the option to schedule webinars.
  4. Immediately a form will be displayed that you must fill out with the data of the title of the Webinar, the description, and date and time location in which the event will be activated.
  5. Another requirement that you must fill out in the form is to activate the option so that the participant register before entering the Webinar.
  6. Activate tools to use such as video, sound, and chat service if required.
  7. One of the steps that is recommended is to be able to activate the recording of the event so that it can be viewed at another time.