How to open multiple Teams accounts at the same time

Teams is here collaborative work solution offered by Microsoft. It allows you to organize videoconference meetings, to create teams to develop projects.

It is of course possible to invite users external to your company. The problem is that if you are invited to another organization you must “switch” accounts.

For the time being, Microsoft does not offer a reliable and simple solution for use multiple Teams instances the same time.

Obviously there is a simple manipulation to be able to use two accounts at the same time.

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Step 1 – Update Edge

Although Teams can be opened in web mode with browsers like Brave, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox we will instead use Microsoft’s Edge.

To carry out our manipulation, it is strongly recommended to update your EDGE browser. The browser is the worthy successor of Internet Explorer.

He is automatically included on Windows 10. Microsoft having resumed its development a brand new version based on the Chromium engine saw the light of day.

This version is now available for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

old version of Edge
Here is the icon of Micosoft Edge old version.

Open the browser, you will be offered the update.

download Edge Chromium

The new version can also be downloaded here:élécharger-le-nouveau-microsoft-edge-bas-sur-chromium-0f4a3dd7-55df-60f5-739f-00010dba52cf

Once installed we will be able to perform the second step to use several Teams accounts at the same time.

Step 2 – Open Teams with Edge Chromium

Open your brand new browser then enter the address .

You must enter your Microsoft 365 username and password.

Then you have to choose “Use the web app instead”

Teams web app

You are then in the Teams app in web mode. At the top right click on … then Install this Site as an Application

install site as an app

Then we must define a name for the application and click on Install.

teams app

Teams then appears in your taskbar, you have to pin it, it will prevent you from having to redo the manipulation in Edge Chromium.

pin teams taskbar

Bravo Teams is open with your second account! The first account that can be opened with the heavy client!

Disadvantages of using Teams as a site app

This method therefore makes it possible to use two accounts at the same time maximum.

  • An account can be opened with Teams Heavy Client
  • The second account opens with Teams in app site mode

The second account is the one that was logged in in Edge, you can log out from the app and therefore connect another account.

However I find the Teams in a more responsive application site and it consumes fewer resources than the heavy client.

Bonus! Do you have more than two accounts? well you can open a Teams session in each browser !

Hopefully Microsoft offers a reliable and more convenient solution to be able to open different accounts at the same time.

The Teams multi-account is planned by Microsoft

Microsoft has confirmed that it wants to natively implement multi-accounts in Teams. It is a feature expected by many users. The functionality should be released according to Microsoft in 2021 …. So you have to be patient but in the meantime use our method it works perfectly.

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