How to open Control Panel on Windows 11

When you want to change settings in Windows 11, you usually get to the Settings app. But the trusted control panel still plays an important role during many configuration tasks. Here are several different ways to unlock it.

win11 control panel icon - How to open Control Panel on Windows 11

Use the start menu

win11 start control panel 2 - How to open control panel on Windows 11

One of the easiest ways to launch the Control Panel is to use the Start menu. To do this, click the Start button on the taskbar and type Control Panel. Click the Control Panel icon that appears in the results, and the Control Panel will launch immediately.

Use the playlist or command prompt

control panel run box - How to open Control Panel on Windows 11

You can also launch the Control Panel from the Playlist. Press Windows + R on your keyboard, and when the run window pops up, type “control,” then click OK or hit Enter. Similarly, you can open Control Panel from Command Prompt or Windows Terminal by typing “control” and pressing Enter.

Pin it to the taskbar

control panel pin taskbar - How to open Control Panel on Windows 11

Once you open Control Panel using any of the methods described above, its icon will appear in the taskbar. If you want to keep it there so you can launch it from the taskbar later, right-click the Control Panel icon and select Pin to taskbar. The next time you want to launch Control Panel, click on the icon in the taskbar.

Add the icon to the desktop

win11 control panel desktop - How to open control panel on Windows 11

You can also add a special desktop icon for Control Panel. To do this, press Windows + i to open Settings, then go to Personalization > Themes and click on “Desktop Icon Settings.” In the Desktop Icon Settings window that opens, place a checkmark next to Control Panel, then click OK. The icon will appear on your desktop. To launch the Control Panel, double-click the Desktop icon at any time. Good luck and God bless you!

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