How to open and manage APK files with Windows? – See them all

If you use Android, you will know that this system requires APK files. Often times, you will find these files in the Play Store and other customization tools for your mobile. However, you can use a computer and for this reason here we explain how to open and manage APK files with Windows? so you can see them all from your PC.

How are APK files managed from Windows search engine?

Fortunately, it is possible to manage APK files from the windows finder through external tools that can be downloaded from trusted websites. Such is the case of the applications ‘Android Studio’ and ‘Apkshellext2’ which facilitate the organization of APK files quickly and easily.

What to do to manage APK files on Windows using Android Studio?

it’s possible manage APK files on Windows using Android Studio. One of the advantages of Android Studio is that you can unpack files so that you can view and download all your content from one panel. In the case of APK files, the application analyzes the manifests of the App, shows the JAVA code and the native code if it includes it.

To do this procedure, you must enter the official Android Studio website and press the ‘Download Android Studio’ button. Run the executable file (.exe) and press the ‘Yes’ button from the user account control window. Wait while the installation process completes on your computer.

open apk files in windows

Once you install ‘Android Studio’ on your PC, open the tool and press ‘Next’ several times to install all components required by the program. Then, click on ‘Open an existing project in Android Studio’. Choose the APK file, press ‘Open’ and view its content in the panel presented by Android Studio.

How to use Apkshellext2 to manage all APK files within Windows?

Likewise, it is possible to manage all APK files within Windows using a tool called ‘Apkshellext2’. ‘Apkshellext2’ is a free extension that you can find in the ‘GitHub’ repositories and it is used to organize APK files quickly and efficiently.

Access the ‘Apkshellext’ website and click ‘Download’ to download the tool. Once you install ‘Apkshellext2’ on your PC, right click on the APK file, click on ‘APK Shell Extension’ and perform actions such as rename the filereview the content in the Play Store or access the preferences of Apkshellext2.

How do you open a file of this type within Windows?

It is not possible to open APK files within Windows directly, that is, without using any type of application. For this reason, it is essential to download and install a tool that allows you to carry out this task successfully. Apps like Android Studio make the decompiling process easy and viewing APK files.

In order to open an APK file from the PC, it must have the extension .exe and this is precisely the task of Android Studio. However, there are certain Android emulators for computers that allow you to open APK files within Windows. You just have to install the emulator, open a Gmail account and access the ‘Installed applications’.

open and manage apks in windows

Next, locate the APK file from your computer and confirm your selection by pressing the ‘Open’ button. The emulator will take care of run the app that has said file and so you can take advantage of the App when the installation is finished on your computer.

What can you do in versions prior to Windows 10 to open APK files?

You can also open APK files in versions prior to Windows 10. To do so, you must download the WinRAR, WinZip or 7-Zip application and install it on your PC. Are open source tools They are very useful for compressing and decompressing files on different operating systems such as Linux, MacOS or Windows.

To do this procedure, go to the official website to download WinRaR on Windows. Run the installation file to be able to use WinRaR on your PC. Then, right-click on the APK file you want to open and choose ‘Extract Files’ from the context menu. Then select the destination of the file.

Wait a few seconds until the extraction process. Repeat the steps above for all the APK files you want to open, then check to see if they are in the folder you previously selected to save the APK files to on your computer.