How to move the taskbar on Windows 11

Windows 11 is the latest operating system offered by Microsoft. See our guide for install windows 11

Among the new features, you will have noticed that the task bar has evolved and closely resembles that of MAC OS.

This tutorial guides you through unblock the taskbar and move it to your desktop.

Some users are used to being able to put the taskbar at the top of the desktop. On Windows 11 by default is not possible. Therefore, users cannot customize windows 11.

It’s pretty amazing that this feature has disappeared. Fortunately you can just modify a registry key to move the taskbar to the top of your desktop.

Changes in the registry

To open the registry, do Windows + R and type Regedit


Once in the registry you have to go to this path

HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Explorer StuckRects3

regedit Windows 11
We will open the “settings” key

Double click on the “settings” key, a list of numbers and letters appear in a new window (binary value). You must modify a value at the level of the 6th column (under FE)

modify value settings

By changing the value you can change the location of the task bar.

Value in the registry Bar position
00 Bar left
01 Bar up
02 Bar right
03 Bar down

bar left regedit windows 11
Here the value 00 moves the task bar to the left

To validate the changes you must either restart the user session or restart Windows Explorer

restart Windows 11 explorer

Your taskbar has been moved Bravo!

If you are not comfortable with modifying the registry you can download 2 .reg files



just double click on the file then validate the registry keys. Remember to close / reopen the Windows session or restart the explorer.

Validate registry key