How to mount an ISO image on Ubuntu Linux – le crab info

Hello Mr Crab Info 🙂

Thank you for the site and the good ideas sown here and there, it is very useful!

I shared all this with my son-in-law to whom I just installed (not without galley) Ubuntu Studio Bionic Beaver on an AMD B450 platform with a Ryzen G2400 and 8 Gb of HyperX 2666 Mhz ram…

All this in dual boot Win10 for the “practical” side.

To come back to Linux Ubuntu and an iso image “mount” plus a 15-minute burning, download and hash control included, I use Furius Mount which is in the official repositories and which does what you ask, royally. with childish simplicity!

A 10 year old kid who knows how to play the PS4 will use it with his eyes closed 😀 I’m kidding but it’s true…

My stepson (again him 😀 who had never mounted an ISO image and had no idea what a hash checksum is understood right away when I showed it to him live.

Thank you again and see you soon, even if I am generally silent when I enter the fault of the Crabesque rock without wanting to disturb it 😉

I’m an old Linuxian, otherwise …

In the Mandrake years, and Red Hat, I had the two pretty CD suites… Ah! What a path since!

Thanks again!

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