How to merge your duplicate Xiaomi contacts? – Quick remove and merge

Most of the time, mobiles have functions that automate system administration. However, certain tasks require manual adjustments such as the contact management. This is why you should know how to merge your duplicate Xiaomi contacts? Quickly delete and combine your list with the method that we present below.

The most common reason why Xiaomi contacts are duplicated is because some applications access your contact list to save them again; so that at the time of view the directory Duplicates are displayed depending on the number of applications that have this access permission.

It can happen that one or more contacts are synchronized with different accounts and therefore duplicates are presented. Consequently, you will get a confusing and unordered list since it is difficult to know immediately which contacts are unnecessary or which ones are empty.

A simple and fast way to see all your duplicate contacts listed is to access the ‘Contacts’ application which is added by default to the MIUI system of your Xiaomi mobile right on the home screen. Once you enter this tool, you will be able to see your list of contacts organized from A to Z.

merge duplicate contacts on your xiaomi

The procedure to delete duplicate contacts in Xiaomi will depend on the model of your device. Generally, Google presents a configuration option to manage contacts that are added to an account. However, it is necessary to organize the contacts that are stored directly on the mobile and from Apps such as WhatsApp.

Redmi 8 and 7

In Redmi 8 and 7 mobile devices It is possible to delete duplicate contacts in Xiaomi from the ‘Contacts’ application that you will find on the home screen. When you access this App, press the three dots that appear in the upper right part of the screen and open the ‘Settings’. Then press ‘Merge duplicate contacts’ and ‘Merge’.

On Redmi Note 9 and 10

Likewise, it is possible to delete duplicate contacts on Redmi Note 9 and 10 by accessing the ‘Contacts’ application from the toolbox of the starting screen. Once you access the App, press the three stripes that are shown in the upper left part of the screen and choose the option ‘Customize view’.

There, you will be able to see all the contacts of WhatsApp, Google, of the IM account and SIM card. Choose the list of your preference and click on the option ‘Export contacts’ in order to create a file with a .vcf extension. Access the Xiaomi Cloud website to export the file you just created and select ‘Merge duplicate contacts’.

merge repeated contacts on xiaomi

You can group duplicate contacts in a single file on your Xiaomi. To achieve this, access the ‘Contacts’ App and press ‘Customize view’ that you will find by pressing the three stripes at the top of the screen. Flip the switch to activate the contacts of the different locations (Google, WhatsApp, IM account and SIM card).

Go back to the contact list and press the three point symbol. Then, press ‘Import / Export contacts’. Select ‘Export’ and mark the location where the duplicate contact list will be saved. Finally, press the ‘Export’ button. Wait a few seconds while the process completes.

One of the actions you can take to avoid duplicating your contacts is to establish a specific location to store your contacts either the device, a Google account or the SIM card. Also, it is recommended to deactivate the other locations so that duplicates are not displayed in the general list.

On the other hand, it is advisable to keep all contacts updated by using the sync process and manage the accounts that can be added for the storage of contacts on your Xiaomi phone. You can even create backup copies with MIUI and export your complete and organized contact list when necessary.