How to measure the intensity of my WiFi network from any device?

We know that it is common for us to check the connection speed we have with the operator that provides us WiFi, but there are times that we do not know the speed that is reaching us, and this may be due to many causes, but it will be necessary for you to do a check of your WiFi connection.

Taking a measurement is completely favorable but… How to do it? You can do it very easy from your computer or through an application on your mobile, we have gathered the best ways to know your connection on any device Let’s get started!

How to know how strong your WiFi has on iPhone?

First of all, you should know that before doing any Wi-Fi intensity test, you must close any internet consuming program and stop downloads or activities that consume broadband. The best is that close everything and restart the device.

Using ‘Airport Utility’

If you are one of us and you work from home we know how necessary it is to have a good internet connection, so it will be important that you know how to look at the intensity of the WiFi network from your mobile, iOS will help you. The Airport iOS application will let you know which is the best connection you have on your mobile by reviewing the connections you have available.

First of all you must download and install the app, which you can do from the App Store, and then once installed you have to enter the mobile settings and find ‘Airport’ select it and activate the option ‘Scan WiFi’.

iphone wifi connection

Then you have to exit the settings and open the iPhone desktop application, when you open it you will see at the top of the right side ‘Scan Wi-Fi’ When you press it, it will take you to the new window and the scan will begin. Here all the available networks will appear and the scan will begin, it will show you the intensity details.

The network intensity figure will be seen with a figure represented as dBm, this figure will be negative, the higher it is, the better the signal, and the experience will also be better. Once this has been carried out, you have to connect to the best option and we recommend that you go to the settings and disconnect the scan option.

How to see the strength of the WiFi on a Windows 10 computer?

You may be able to boost your WiFi signal on your Windows 10 computer, this you can do through some commands You must enter the system, to do so you must open the menu and look for the option of ‘Command Prompt’ here you have to enter ‘cmd’.

Getting to know the strength of the Wi-Fi signal in your Windows 10 is possible through a command line. So you must go to your menu and look for the section of ‘Symbol of the system’ for faster access type ‘cmd’.

ios computer find wifi connection

Verify that you are connected to the Wi-Fi network you want to evaluate, enter the command ‘netsh wlan show interface’ And enter. When you enter that command, all the information of the connected network appears, you have to look for the ‘Mbps’ this will be accompanied by a percentage.

You can also download the tool ‘WirelessConnectionInfo’ This software is free and easy to use in Windows 10, when you download and install it automatically, it will provide you with the information of the WiFi network. We recommend that you learn how to protect wireless networks and keep your internet safe.

How to measure the intensity of the internet on a macOS PC?

Fortunately, if you have an Apple macOS PC, this will allow you to know the speed with which the data exchange is handled in the WiFi connection, there are several ways but the easiest will be to do it through an application that brings the system itself, this is called ‘Network Utility’ This has different characteristics, which allows us to know details of the network that we have configured. On your macOS PC, you can also see the WiFi password easily.

apple wifi connection meter

To open the Network Utility application, you have to search in the search bar for the name of the application, but also then use the combination of two keys to use the search bar, you can press ‘Cmd + Space’ and then enter ‘Network Utility’ press enter and the configuration will open.

Enter the first section called ‘Info’ and select ‘Network interface’ in which an option called ‘Your WiFi interface’ press it, and the interface information will appear on the left side. If you see that your internet network provides you with a very slow internet, you will have to learn how to switch to the nearest network with your Android mobile, simply and easily.