How to manage parental controls on my PlayStation – Security on your console

As parents, it is normal that you want to give your children moments of entertainment. Therefore, it is of great importance to manage the console with great responsibility. If you have recently bought a PlayStation console and need to create an account for your child, do not miss this article and you will know how to properly manage parental controls.

What are the steps to follow to set up parental controls on your PlayStation?

The first thing you have to do is create users or in such a case, try to change the main user on the PS5, at least there could be two, since you must have each of these so that the first one is given to the minor user and the other you can have you as a senior user, where you will have the power to have general control of the console. Now follow the instructions below step by step.

Directly from your console

  • Sign in from the PlayStation Network account with access.
  • Tap the “Settings” icon.
  • Select the “Parental control or family management” option.
  • Select on “Family Management”.
  • The system will ask you to enter your parental control password for security, you must enter it.
  • Click “OK”.

Players father son PlayStation

  • one will appear full list of restrictions such as “Set a monthly spending limit”, “Access to internet features”, “Determine game age rating levels”, “Disable browser use and even PlayStation VR”.
  • Touch the “Configure now” button and in this way you will ensure that the little ones play safely and under your responsibility.
  • You can also create and add other secondary accounts that have separate and different configuration control access for each of these, which are allowed in the console.

Using your Mobile

  • To perform this configuration on your mobile, you must have the PlayStation App application downloaded.
  • Sign in from the PlayStation app on your mobile.
  • Tap the gear icon next to your profile to go to the settings screen.
  • Then select on “Family Management”.
  • Then in the name of the minor’s account.
  • Click on “Edit”.
  • Select what you want to modify.

How to know if your parental controls have been configured correctly for your child?

To confirm that the parental control settings were successful, you must return to the configuration settings on your console from your parent or guardian account, where you will have access to see all your modifications, which will confirm that you did it the way you intended. what did you want.

Why can’t you manage your PlayStation parental control properly?

By managing parental controls on PlayStation you can customize parental controls according to the ages of each family member and for this the console system gives you three options which are “Family Manager”, “Parent or Legal Guardian” and “Family Members”.

PlayStation console control Parental control

With the first two you can have the power to administer, add, manage family members and establish parental control, as long as you are an adult.

The reason why you do not correctly manage the parental control of the console, is because you are not very clear about the true constraint usage functionality that you can set with each of these so that parental control works as it should.

How to put a time limit on the games on your PlayStation console?

  • Enter the “Settings” of your console
  • Then click on “Family and parental controls”
  • Click on “Family Management”
  • Now go to your PC or mobile and scan the QR code that appears to manage the link
  • Once you have entered and logged in with your PlayStation Network account, click on the “Set up now” button
  • Then two options will appear, which are “Add an adult” and “Add a minor”, press either of the two, according to your need.
  • Set the date of birth
  • Then give this user an email address and a password
  • Click on “Next”
  • You can configure various aspects such as age restrictions, communication, spending limits, etc.
  • Then select a time zone and click “Confirm”
  • Now click on “Restrict game time” and select “Restrict”
  • The different options will appear to limit the use of games by days and hours
  • Click “Confirm” and add the family member

playstation console

  • Now go back to PlayStation and you will see that the member has already been added, you can also configure their parental control and time limit by clicking on it.