How to make your Windows 11 PC never sleep

By default, most Windows 11 PCs will go to sleep after a certain period of time to conserve power. If you’ve always wanted to keep your Windows 11 PC awake, you can make changes in the settings or try one of Microsoft’s PowerToys. Here’s how.

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How to protect your computer from sleep mode in Settings

It’s easy to prevent your PC from sleeping using the Settings app. First, launch Settings by pressing Windows + i on your keyboard. Or you can right-click on the button.Start“choice”SettingsFrom the menu.

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in a Settings , Choose “the systemin the sidebar, then click “Power and Battery”.

win11 system power and battery - How to make Windows 11 PC never sleep

In the Power and Battery options, expand the section Screen and SilenceClicking it if necessary. Below that, if you have a battery-powered computer such as a laptop or tablet, you will see four options. If you have a desktop computer, you will only see two.

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If you want to keep your laptop always awake even when it is not plugged in, set “On battery power, put the device to sleep after” to “Never”.

Warning: If I set “Turn on battery power, put my device to sleep after” to Never, the computer will continue to run until it runs out of power, which may inadvertently drain the battery.

If you want to prevent your computer from sleeping when plugged in, select the drop-down menu titled “On battery power, when plugged in, put my device to sleep,” and set the option tonever.

sleep never - How to make your Windows 11 PC never sleep

While you’re at it, you can also prevent your screen from turning off by using the Turn off screen after (or options for laptops) option on the Power and Battery page. To do this, set the desired option to “Never” using the drop-down menu.

Next, close Settings, and your PC will be set to stay up all night and all day. You can still put your device to sleep manually using the Power icon in the Start menu (choose “stillness”) or using a dedicated sleep switch on your device if you have one.

How to protect your computer from sleeping with PowerToys

Thanks to the tool that comes with the free Microsoft PowerToys toolkit, you can quickly switch when you want your PC to stay awake in the taskbar.

To do this, install PowerToys in the Microsoft Store app, then launch it. Activate the “Wake Up” module, then right-click its coffee cup icon in the taskbar’s full menu. In the Mode menu, put a checkmark next to Stay awake indefinitely. When you want your computer to sleep again at its usual settings, select “Off (Passive)” in the Awake menu instead. sweet Dreams!

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