How to make video calls on HouseParty from my iPhone or iPad? – User guide

If you have a remote person whom you have not seen for a long time and you want to have an image of her, video calls today will be your best option, and if you use a good application you can have an image of that person as if you had it from front in the same place. This application may be HouseParty, which you can use easily and safely where you will have the option to communicate with several people at the same time, then we will tell you how to make video calls on HouseParty from my iPhone or iPad.

What steps should you follow to install HouseParty on your iOS device?

This application is an option to communicate with your contacts, you can use it not only on a phone, it is also available for Windows or Mac. If you want to download HouseParty on your iOS device you must have your device connected to an internet network, it can be data or a Wifi network. Follow the steps below to perform the action:

  1. Go to the Apple Store.
  2. Go to the search engine of the application.
  3. In said search engine you must enter the name of the application of interest, in this case it will be HouseParty.
  4. In the results you must search for the calling application.
  5. Now you must press on it.
  6. Here it will give you a series of information that will be useful, read it determinedly to see if the app is for your convenience.
  7. If you accept all the terms, press install.
  8. Now wait for the download to complete.
  9. Press open.
  10. Enter the corresponding data and start using your video calling app.

login to houseparty

How can you configure your HouseParty account on your mobile?

To configure your HouseParty account, you only have to previously see the application downloaded as well as having a user account. Now you must enter the corresponding data, the phone number option will be optional, it is not necessary. Accept camera and audio permissionsThese will be mandatory, since when making a video call you need these two options from your IPad or IPhone. You can place a profile photo if you wish.

During the configuration you can add your contacts, if you don’t want to at this time you can still do it do then from advanced settings.

If you have not added your contact when you see the application downloaded, you can do it in different options of your settings, you just have to slide your finger from the inside of your main screen here you will see several options.

The simplest is searching by name in the search bar, You must be very precise to be able to find the desired contact, in results it will show you all the forgives with the name you entered, you can be guided by the profile photo.

contact friends at houseparty

From ‘Add friends’

  1. Enter the settings of your device.
  2. Click on Add friends.
  3. Here you will open the option to add new friends.
  4. Fill in the data that is needed to make the action successful.
  5. Press save and you’re done.

To add from contacts

If you want to add from contacts you must to have a number registered in the appFor this option it will be mandatory, as it already has your phone number in the application, it will immediately scan all the contacts and tell you which people have the application as well. If the numbers registered on your device do not have the HouseParty application, they will not appear in your contact list.

If you want to link your friends from Facebook or another social network

You can also link your application with another social network such as Facebook, so you can get more contacts and start interacting in HouseParty with friends from other places. To link this account, you just have to enter the options or click on the + icon, from here click on link, it will ask for your password and Facebook email. Now you some of your friends will appear in the search options.

start a video call with your friends at houseparty

What is the procedure to start a video call with your friends on HouseParty?

To make a call you just have to enter the application with internet, it can be data or a Wi-Fi network, then you must follow the following steps:

  1. When entering the application You must slide up the screen and enter the options, among them you will have a video call.
  2. When entering this option, it will show you the people who are connected, you will be in the contact list, when you have the friend you need, press joinIf the person cannot attend the application, it will notify you.
  3. To unite more members, you just have to press on the + icon in the upper right part of the main screen of the call, here it will tell you again the contact list. You can enter up to 8 people, this is the maximum that is allowed.
  4. If you want that do not enter any other person press on the padlock, here it will be advising that you want the call to be totally private