How to make screen adjustments on TV with Chromecast? – All versions

Sending information from the mobile to our TV is one of the main functions of the Chromecast. Just hit the sync button and the magic begins to unfold. However, this brings with it a lot of screen settings that can be annoying at times. For this reason, in this article we will teach you how to do TV screen settings with Chromecast.

How to set the Chromecast resolution?

Setting the Chromecast resolution is a fundamental step when it comes to enjoying all the services that this device brings to us. Therefore, first of all it is necessary that you go to the top right of the screen from our device, there you will find your profile, click on it and select the settings section.

Later go to the screen and sound option and click on it. All screen functions that are available to you will be instantly displayed there. In the option to adapt content. You will configure your device so that it is capable of automatically adjusting the resolution of your screen depending on the content you view.

chromecast settings screen

On the other hand, you also have the game mode option at your disposal. There the screen resolution of our device will be much better and the response to each one of the actions that we carry out within the game will be faster, due to this modality.

What is the resolution of each version of Chromecast?

One of the most notable changes in the Google Chromecast and Google Chromecast ultra versions is the resolution of both devices. First of all we have Google Chromecast on this device we will have a resolution of 1080p and an approximate dimension of 51.81mm x 13.8mm x 51.9mm. While in Google Chromecast ultra we will have a resolution of 4K Ultra HD. And not only that but this version brings with it a plus, and it is a high dynamic range of HDR.

How to improve video quality on Chromecast?

The fastest and most effective way to improve the video quality on our Chromecast is through the Google Home application. Without a doubt, this app becomes our best friend when making any important changes to our device. To activate its magic and put into practice each of its functions it is necessary that download your application on our mobile, either Android or iPhone, for both versions is available.

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Once this step is finished, you need to open the application and click on the settings icon, which is usually found in the gear logo, just in the upper right part of our screen. Select the Chromecast that you want to improve its video quality and proceed to click on the video option. There you can with just one click activate the HDMI function at 50 Hz. Which will allow you to significantly improve the video quality of our Chromecast.

What is the procedure to connect Chromecast to a TV?

At the base of our Chromecast we will get two connections. The first consists of an HDMI connection, which is the cable that is completely glued to the base. On the other hand, it contains a USB connection, of which we know in a normal way. This connection is explicitly designed to feed the connection with our device. In this connection it is necessary that you connect the cable that the Chromecast brings with it in its box. in the other one end you must connect the charger which also comes bundled with the device.

screen chromecast versions

Now, it is time to connect it to the TV. For this it is necessary that Let’s locate the HDMI and connect it directly to our TV. In general, this connection is located right at the back of our device. Therefore, it is necessary to locate it before starting this procedure. In the same way, it is necessary to connect the charger to the USB connection of our TV. Once connected, now is the time to start with the configuration to guarantee the optimal functioning of the device on the TV.

How does Chromecast 60fps work?

Chromecast 60 fps allows the video fluency. Which allows to obtain a much more quality and pleasant view for each of the users. And not only this, but with this you can avoid the annoying interruptions that usually occur while we watch our favorite video.

Now our video will look fluid and with much higher quality in terms of image we speak. This option is also one of the most favorable for videos that are not capable of reproducing any type of content in 4K, therefore an option that, in addition to being quite pleasant, adapts to each of the user’s requirements.

In fact, among the most frequent recommendations of Google is to keep our device from Chromecast at 60fps. In order to guarantee a better fluidity and at the same time better operation of the device.