How to make polls in Instagram Stories so that your followers think?

Surveys within the Instagram platform have become one of the best features that this application has. That is why a large part of the users is used to playing one of these games. So, in this article we will show you how to do polls in Instagram Stories so that you receive opinions from your followers. You can also learn to ask open questions, quizzes and other games that are available on this social network.

Are the responses to surveys done on Instagram anonymous?

Surveys on Instagram are one of the several games or tools that can be used in the stories that are made on this social network. With the use of the surveys you can increase communication with followers from your account. Likewise, you can ask for an opinion on various topics or in case of doubts, in addition to the fact that with this type of game you can increase the level of visibility of your account.

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The responses that are generated in the surveys can only be seen by the person behind the account conducting the survey. Therefore, they are not totally anonymous, only partially. Well, whoever creates the survey must know who has responded to it to measure the results. The only way to stop your survey results from being private is when the creator publishes the results with the names of the people who have voted.

How to do an Emoji poll on an Instagram story?

To create polls on Instagram stories, the first thing to do is enter your Instagram account. After that, you must go on to create a story, so you must slide the screen to the left or click on the option my story in the top bar where the stories of other Instagram users are displayed.

The story can contain photos, videos, GIFs and you can even make stories with just text and add surveys or questionnaires to them. Once you have the story assembled, from the same editing section you must press the stickers icon that is at the top. This opens a box showing various options or features that can be added.

Then, you must look for the one named surveys and click on it. This causes two boxes to appear in the story for two options, one for yes and one for no. Above these options it says make a question, Well, it is the place where you must write what you want to ask.

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The two options are editable, so you can write whatever you want in them, if you want emojis, just click on one of them and write an emoji and then repeat the process with the other option. Finally, place the survey in the position that seems best to you within the story and then process to publish your story with survey.

How to ask an open question within Instagram stories?

Another of the functions or games that you can add to Instagram stories are open questions. In these you ask an open question and together with your story a box is published in which there is a bar to write or answer the question. However, this is more used to put Ask me a question, where your followers ask things and you answer through other stories.

To create one of these stories, you must create the story and press the stickers icon again. Now, in this place you should look for the option that says questions, when you do this, the box where you should be will be created modify the title with your question or leave the option ask me a question. Then publish the story, which you can also share on Facebook for your friends to reply via Messenger, although Facebook has its own publications with polls

How to create a one-answer form on this platform?

In Instagram polls, it is also possible to add forms to ask questions with various options. If you want to do one of these, enter the stickers icon and look for the option that says questionnaires. By clicking on it, a box is created where at the top you must write the question that the followers must answer.

Then, you must proceed to the lower section of the questionnaire, which contains two options. When filling the second option, below it will appear add, category that allows adding another option. It is possible to create up to 4 options and in the end you must choose, which of them will be the correct answer to your question.

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To do the latter, you must press the letter of the question and you will see that it is marked in green. It is not possible to ask questions with only one option on Instagram, so if you want a single answer option, write the same answer or something similar in all categories.

Where can you see the results of the survey what you did on this site?

When you have published your story with a survey or with any other game you have made, you will see the results in the viewed section within history. In the case of open questions, the responses of the followers arrive as direct messages. So you must go to your chats or messages section to see the answers.

What to do to make your surveys more attractive on Instagram?

There are many ways to make Instagram polls eye-catching, it all depends on the creativity of the person conducting the survey. For example, you can havesolve riddles and use other resources that offers the same Stickers section. In this order of ideas, you can add the bar that measures how much your followers like the story or the game that you have uploaded or you can put countdowns, music or locations.