How to make multiple folders in TikTok? – Sort your favorite videos

The organization of the videos in sections is always important to know in which part these videos are found when searching for them. Such organization can be done in TikTok through folders called collections. For this reason, in this text will explain How to make multiple folders on TikTok in addition to teaching the function of these and how to introduce videos to them. Likewise, we will talk about the playlists and their difference with these folders.

What is the difference between TikTok collections and playlists?

The collections that are made on TikTok are folders where you can save the videos in an organized way. In this sense, the collections are used to make several folders of different contents or tiktokers and thus have the videos separately and that the themes are not mixed.

Playlists, on the other hand, are another type of folder within your own TikTok profile. In other words, these folders are not for you to save your videos, but rather a way to order the videos you upload to your account by content. In this way, your followers will be able to decide the content they want to see, since they do not have to search the videos exhaustively as it is done to find a filter in this application.

If you want to create playlists and thus order the videos in your account, you must access the TikTok application. Once in your account, select the profile button or me to direct you to that section. Then, in the options, you should look for the one that says to order videos in playlists.

videos in favorites

Following this, you must name a folder and enter the videos you want it to show. Repeat this with all the videos you want to order, as many times as necessary, there is no limit of folders or playlists to create. When you finish the processyour profile will be ordered and divided into lists to see.

What videos can be added to TikTok collections?

The videos that can be added to the collection folders are all those that are found in your favorites section. In this order of ideas, you must have saved a video in this section to later be able to organize it in a collection folder. A video added to favorites only appears in your account and therefore you can order it.

The favorite is not the same as liking on TikTok, so you must pay close attention and not get confused. They are different themes such as filters and saved effects. At this time, the videos you have liked cannot be sorted by collections. The difference between these aspects is that the like leaves the reaction on someone else’s video, while the favorite is added to your personal folder without leaving a trace.

How to use TikTok video collections?

The collections are used as ways to separate the videos from each other, because in this way you can order these contents in themes, sections, popular or even by people. For example, you can create a collection just for the videos of Domelipa and another for Lisset Eduardo, the woman in the video where she sings good good. They are videos with very different content between them, therefore, they should not be mixed.

creation folders collections

Likewise, it is possible to create folders for sports videos, another for song videos and thus do with various arguments or contents. This will help you find better videos, Well, if you later want to search for a specific one, you already know in which folder it will be found. Now that you know what collection folders are used for, let’s see how to create them and how to fill them with your favorite videos.

create collections

To create the folders or collections on this social network, first log in to your TikTok account. Then, from the options menu, you must look for the section where the files are saved. videos you add to favorites. Which is named by the word favorites. Once there, you should look at the top of the screen to see the options that this section has.

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Among these options is the create a new collection, Clicking on this option opens a box. In this, it is necessary to create a name for the folder, by which you will identify said collection. When the name is complete, the next button must be selected for the application to complete the creation of the folder. Now it’s time to fill the created collection with videos, which will be sorted automatically as they are added.

Add videos to a collection

Once the folder is ready to be filled, click on add videos to return to the favorites section to search for videos. In this section, where you can also save audio and sounds, you have to press or select all the videos you want to add to the new collection. There is no limit to how full the folder will be, so you can select as many videos as you want.

After you have finished the selection of videos, you have to look at the bottom of the favorites section. Where, in red there will be a button It says add videos, so click on this to send the favorite videos to the collection. In a few moments the process will be ready and the videos will order themselves.