How to make a personalized sticker using WhatsApp Web – Improve your messages

Currently you can create custom stickers on WhatsApp Web. It turns out to be a new and simple option to carry out, so that you do not need to use other external applications to achieve it. Stickers are very popular images in WhatsApp users, because, when used, they provide entertainment and enjoyment to the chats of this application. Here we are going to explain how to do it easily.

What should you know before creating a sticker within WhatsApp Web?

With the WhatsApp Web platform you can easily design or make your own stickers using a large part of your PC screen in relation to the mobile device. Later you can save them as favorites on your mobile device and use them whenever you want without having to resort to or using your computer.

The interconnection is extremely simple, so it represents a method within the reach of users. The good thing is that you do not need to know design to create them, in itself the process is simple.

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It is only possible to make stickers in the web version of WhatsApp

This being able to create or elaborate personalized stickers through WhatsApp Web has been something quite new and even little known. The computer version for both Mac and Windows was also enabled.

The Sticker designs that you come up with can be added to favorites and used in the chats you want, either from your cell phone or from your computer. And if you prefer, you can transfer your stickers from WhatsApp to Telegram if you want, so you can use it in other alternative apps.

We can design personalized stickers on WhatsApp Web in a matter of a few seconds. Once we load the image that we like to use, the app creates it automatically. Cheer up !, to do it.

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How can you create your own stickers with WhatsApp Web?

In order for you to make your own stickers with the WhatsApp Web app, you must carry out the following procedure:

  • First you will have to locate your image.
  • Run the app online or on your computer, you go to the chat you want to send with your own created sticker. You click on the figure that symbolizes a clip, which allows you to share contacts, documents and videos as well as other tools.
  • Next between the figures, select the one that symbolizes the stamp, the fourth in the column. Once this is done, you must already have the image you want to convert into a sticker saved on your computer.

If you like messaging apps a lot, you should use one that is quite good and offers you a variety of functions, it is Telegram. Among one of its most outstanding functions is that you can put Telegram conversations on your PC desktop or from your cell phone. This great option, you can apply it in any system you have, since this element is available to everyone.

To accommodate your photos before creating the sticker

To adjust the photos before creating the Sticker, you will use the quick edition, once you enable the data explorer, you must locate and open the photograph you want to modify, by doing so, you will have the following elements at your disposal in the editor:

  • Contour (figure of scissors), with it you can cut out the figure you want to turn into a sticker.
  • Emoji, you can add such a figure to your design.
  • Sticker, allows you to add a previously designed sticker to the one you want to generate.
  • Text, shows an editor to add text to the sticker.
  • Paint, you can add strokes.
  • Crop and rotate, you can reduce the size and rotate the sticker.
  • Undo, allows you to go back to the last procedure.
  • Redo, you can redo the last action performed. Once you have the desired sticker, you can share it by clicking on the figure of the paper plane.

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How to add your own stickers to WhatsApp Web favorites?

It is important that you know that you can reuse your personalized sticker in other conversations WhatsApp from your mobile device, for this; you enter the application on your mobile then, locate your design and click on it; In the window that appears, choose the option to Add to WhatsApp Web favorites, and voila, you can send them to your contacts, when the content warrants.

How to send your own stickers in the WhatsApp App?

You must first design a sticker pack. Then you choose a title for it and enter the author’s name, in this case your name. Once this is done, you select it and You will notice that the alternative to add stickers will appear. Ready, you can send the stickers of your choice in the messages of your WhatsApp contacts.

Without a doubt, this represents a new alternative to your WhatsApp chats, adding personalized stickers with which you will surprise your loved ones, friends and acquaintances of WhatsApp. It is worth trying this new acquisition or functionality of the app.

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If you are a consumer of the WhatsApp app, you should know that sometimes it can present some problems, one of the most common is that you cannot download audios or listen to them in this app, this situation can become quite frustrating, in addition to It can arise for multiple reasons, including that you have an outdated version of this app or a bad internet connection.