How to Login or access the WordPress Administrative panel step by step

WordPress is the platform where you can write and manage your website from the same site, this CMS or Content Management System for its acronym in Spanish, will give you one of the best views (for many the best) of web administration, although well they exist many other CMS. WordPress far outclasses them all.

Due to its characteristics that although they are not unique, they are they are much more configurable and professional that in other CMS, for example this website where you read this article, is hosted on WordPress, basically at the time of choosing the CMS there is only one option that is worth considering and that is this, then choosing a Hosting service is another topic, as there are many competitors and many more relevant options that you could choose from.

In addition, about 40% of the pages on the Internet they use wordpressthis already says a lot about how the web page market is, they themselves tell you this on their web page.

What is a CMS?

You have read so far that I speak of the term CMS and I told you the acronym, but it is very certain that if you are starting in this you do not know what I mean, well, with CMS I mean the platform on which your website is mounted.

wordpress cms platform

Not your hosting, nor your website, but the service with which you manage it, for example another CMS could be wix (although it has many limitations) and today we can hardly speak well of anyone about WordPress competition.

All the other platforms out there have clear drawbacks, like they do not allow you to move your websitethe administration is limited, you do not have total control over your website and even if they make everything easier for you in terms of code, WordPress will continue to be the best choice both now and in the near future.

From a CMS you can (depends on the CMS) edit the entire web page either by touching the code or not and although most of the CMS on the market are inclined or why don’t touch the code at all or you only touch code, WordPress is a hybrid that can support both forms at the same time, allowing you to edit the code from Appearance > Theme Editor.

How to access the WordPress dashboard?

Accessing the WordPress dashboard requires two steps, the first is have a WordPress panel, that is, you have to install it from your Hosting and the second is to enter from your web page to your WordPress desktop, let’s see it and if you already have it installed go directly to “After registering”

Before I sign up

Installing WordPress directly from your Hosting server is easy, the first thing you should do is enter your cPanelthis will be different in each hosting service that exists, but normally it appears among the main options after contracting a service, this option will never appear before.

Now from cPanel search “Install WordPress” or “Installtron” These are the most common where you can activate WordPress services, you just have to configure the basic aspects such as name and “https” and leave everything else as default (later you can modify it).

Here the important thing is that create a username and password, by default it will include a username and password that you can change at this time. After installing it, it will take you to the page that we will see in the second step.

logo wordpress settings panel enter

after registering

Once you are registered and have WordPress installed on your website, now you only have to enter from ElNombreDeTUweb/wp-admin, that is, suppose that your website is called ”” to enter the Administration Panel of this website you have to enter from ““and ready, here you will put the username and password that was generated or that you modified in the previous step.

Now yes, from your administration panel you can insert advertising banners, install plugins, modify templates, give access to other users, improve the security of your website and make all kinds of modifications to your liking.

You can also add adjustment bars to your administration panel and these will be added to your left sidebar, which by the way you can change its appearance and colors in customization.