How to like an Instagram story? – New tools

Instagram is updated every time to provide us with different functions that facilitate its use and our application experience, one of the latest news is that you can ‘Like’ the stories, you can do this on any device, be it Android or iOS.

All users will be able like stories from Instagram to any account, this will work very much like regular feed posts.

What versions of Instagram allow you to like stories?

Although this feature is in testing, it is known that at this time only is available on iOS mobiles, but soon it will be available for any mobile. However, this has not yet been implemented because Instagram is testing whether it is useful or not, so we must wait for this data collection to end to know if we can enjoy it or not.i like history

If this function does not appear to you, it is probably not a problem with your mobile, but rather that it has not yet been approved for your device model, or that in your country is not available yet. As it is being tested, it may take time to activate for all countries and devices, but don’t worry, it will be active in a blink of an eye.

There is an alternative and if you want to try this function you can try to download and install the Beta version of the application, which allows you to access the different functions.

How to download a beta version of Instagram?

There is a method that you can do to download this beta version on Instagram on Android, it is about downloading this version from the Play Store, but how to do it? You have to enter Google Play, write the name of Instagram in the search box, here you will see various options but you must go down until you find the beta program.

Then you must click on ‘Participate’, after a few seconds, Google Play will indicate that the registration is being carried out, it may take a few minutes, do not rush. We recommend that you delete your Play Store search history for optimal store

Another thing that is important is that you know that beta versions usually bring some app bug, because after all it is a trial version, but if you see that it does not work for you, you should choose to deactivate and uninstall the beta version of Instagram.

Who can see the likes given to a story on this social network?

The person who can see your ‘like’ will be the person who has received the action, that is, only the person who has put the story to which you have reacted, and they will receive a DM notification that you liked the story, much like reactions in stories.instagram-app

How do you react with a like to an Instagram story?

The ‘likes’ are an option that appears when you are viewing the story, that is, there is an icon next to the text bar, it is identified because it is in the shape of a heart, and it is located in the right part of the screen.

What you should keep in mind is that this may change when the official version is released for all teams, although we assume that this will be the easiest way to like Instagram stories.

How to know if you have already reacted to a story within this social network?

Because you will see in the story the heart icon in red, that is, the heart when it has not been marked will appear ‘transparent’ and when you click on it you will see that it turns red, however, we do not know what modification they can make later because this version is in testing.

What to do if you can’t like an Instagram story?

instagram app story

You should not worry, because as we have said throughout the article, this function is a test and for now, only some iOS devices have enjoyed this feature. However, you can opt for reactions, or to write a response in the text bar. We also recommend that you update the Instagram application to its latest version so that you can enjoy different functions.