How to know which Windows 10 applications consume the most battery?

If we use a laptop, we will notice that it uses a battery that is used for wireless use, that is, without being connected to the electrical current. However, with the passing of time we can perceive some failures in the battery life, this may be due to the fact that some applications consume more than they should.

In this article we will show you several simple and quick methods to know which programs use more power from the battery of our laptop with Windows 10.

What should you do to enter your battery status on your Windows 10 PC?

Something that may also be happening with rapid battery discharge is the possible wear of it. As the years of use pass, a battery is usually affected in its optimal functioning, in Windows 10 we can observe the current state and thus evaluate some options later.

With the search bar

By this method only we can see a few options that we can configure. To do this we go to the magnifying glass symbol on the task bar and write ‘Battery’; We will automatically be redirected to the section of this item in the general settings of Windows 10.

In this section we will be shown the current percentage of the laptop, under this parameter we can review and adjust power and sleep settings, here we can only modify suspension hours among others.

From the command line

Windows 10 battery commands

Through this method we can see several very specific data regarding the state of the battery. For this we will have to follow a series of specific steps:

  1. Press the Windows + X key combination.
  2. Select the PowerShell (Administrator) option. If it doesn’t appear, you can try another method.
  3. We give the corresponding permissions to this program.
  4. Next, we proceed to write the following in the blue box: ‘powercfg / batteryreport / output C: battery-report.html ‘. And we give Enter.
  5. We wait for the process to finish, which, by means of this series of commands allows us to create a report in HTML format about the activity of our battery.
  6. We access the path where this report was created, in this case it would be the path of ‘Disk C’.
  7. We open the file with the browser we prefer, such as Google Chrome, there we will break down the hours of use, days, average percentage and status as connected, disconnected, suspended, among others.

We can generate this report whenever we want, some parameters are configured to show the activity of the last three days, so it is advisable to check the status of our battery several days apart.

How can you check which apps are consuming the most battery?

If we want to find out which programs are consuming more power from our laptop’s battery, we will have to access battery information in Windows 10 settings. To do this, we press the Windows + I key combination and select the ‘System’ section.

Next, we go to the ‘Battery’ section, in that window We will see the use that is given in two periods of time: 24 hours and the last week. In addition, the list of applications that consume the most energy from the battery will be broken down according to the percentage; on the other hand, we can modify whether this program can run in the background.

battery use windows 10

If we want to observe the consumption in real time, we can use the task manager Windows. To access it, we just have to press the Windows + R key combination, then type ‘taskmgr’; We can also right-click on the taskbar and select the administrator.

Once using this tool, click on ‘More details’, an option found in the lower left part of the window. Then we will be shown a series of classified and hierarchical parameters, we click on the ‘Energy consumption’ tab and the list of processes and programs that use energy will be updated from highest to lowest.

How to reduce the battery consumption of an application on your Windows 10 computer?

Within the same Battery section in Windows 10 System Settings we can select the applications that show us the highest battery use and decide their use in the background, which can be according to the operating system parameters as well as keeping the process permanently activated or deactivated with the options ‘Always’ and ‘Never’.

We can also activate the ‘Battery saving’ mode. With this, Windows will determine the basic processes and discard those that are not necessary. Another way is to directly access the battery ‘plugin’ in the taskbar, specifically in the lower right part of our window.

error in windows 10

There we can define the energy mode, between the less resources we use, the more time we will have available; the more power we want in the laptop, the less time we will have to enjoy the battery power. It can also serve to enable hibernation mode for when we do not use the computer.

In case we do not see efficient results through these methods, we can always go to the Microsoft Community and search for frequently asked questions related to our problems with Windows 10.