How to install WordPress on your server easily | Complete installation guide

If you have always dreamed of creating your own website, but consider it to be quite a complicated process, WordPress makes this an easier procedure. Where with just one click you can customize all kinds of details on your website and adapt it to your needs and preferences, as well as the essence you want to convey as a creator to your followers. Make WordPress your ally to make your dreams come true and capture everything you’ve been imagining for your own website. In addition to that with this tool you can create totally secure web pages.

What are the advantages of using WordPress on our website?

One of the main advantages of this tool is that is one of the most popular content publishers worldwide. Which means that thanks to this there are many resources available that can facilitate your creation. It also adjusts to the size you want for your web page, and not only that, but it has an open code.

That is, any type of user from any device can read and interact with the content you publish. Thanks to the number of active users on this platform, WordPress has themes, templates, designs, and plugins available for customizing your content.

install WordPress server PC guide

Similarly, you haven Quite versatile and spacious control panel, which adjusts to your needs and requirements when editing. WordPress also allows you to save resources, such as time and money. And because in just a couple of days you can have your website operational, just by following a series of steps and adapting your creation to your personality as a creator.

Main differences between and is completely free software, however this version does not allow you to have your own domain, and actually limits you to many things. by another lake, you must install it in a hosting, and you must here buy your domain name, which allows you to have greater authority and control over your website. However, you can both get it on the WordPress website.

Similarly, if you want to measure the number of visits on you must pay one of the most expensive plans available in the catalog for a price of 25 euros per month . On the other hand, in it is only enough to buy the domain to have access to all this type of functionality. There you can install all the plugins you want, that is, this is a paid system, but much more free.

What do we need to do before installing WordPress on our hosting?

Before installing WordPress in our Hosting it is necessary register the domain of our website. The domain will work for us as an address that users can write to directly access our website.

wordpress download domain

The essential is determine domain name to use and the extension to be added, either .com, .org, .es. Take care in this step to define a direction that is not similar to the competition, since you must innovate and create your own style to attract new users who are similar to what you create, in order to guarantee the success of your content.

In the same way, before installing WordPress on your device, it is necessary to have a fairly reliable Hosting to avoid major damage moments later. East acts as a folder designed to be stored on a secure server. In general, this tool must be paid, to allow it to function properly and have a unique hosting.

What is the procedure to install WordPress on my hosting?

There are two methods for this. ease the installation process either manually or automatically. Therefore, make sure you are clear about the options that each of these methods requires in order to choose the right one. And in this way, guarantee and facilitate the installation process.


It is important to know that to have the option to install WordPress automatically you must have at your disposal a Very good quality hosting. If not, you must do it manually.

WordPress server

Now to start this process you need Go to your hosting page and log in. In general, this can be done in the client access section, which in most hostings is located at the top right of the page. Already located at the beginning of the platform, press the active services option.

It will be displayed in a new window hosting of your website, scroll down the panel and select the access panel option. This to enter the personalized administration panel in a faster way. There you can modify all available web files such as images, installations, plugins, and even texts.

Already located on the panel press the create WordPress section. Once selected, the different packages available for the platform will be displayed. In general, these are accompanied by different templates, but if you are a lover of the classic, select WordPress Pack, which is one of the simplest and most basic when it comes to editing.

Later, a window will open where you will be able to edit website name that you want to create, for this step it is recommended to use keywords to optimize the search in the users. Enter in the same way the email address you want to use and the user to access WordPress later.

hosting install WordPress guide

Next proceed to create a password, try to make it unique and secure to avoid hacking and theft of your content. Finally press the install button, and after 3 minutes it will be installed immediately, it is only necessary to access with your username and password to proceed to edit and customize it.


Now, if your Hosting does not allow you to do this installation automatically, you must resort to doing it manually. For this you must access as in the previous step to the web page of your Hosting and locate yourself in the panel of it. The difference is that here you must select the file manager option.

It will show a bunch of available folders, select the one named as: public_html and press open. Simultaneously and in a new tab, go to the WordPress website and press the Download WordPress option, once the download is finished, go back to the file manager that you opened previously and locate the public html directory folder. Once inside this folder, select upload and select the WordPress that you downloaded a few seconds ago.

Immediately this file will be uploaded to the selected platform and folder. Similarly, right click on the uploaded file and press extract, this option is located on the top panel of the screen.

WordPress domain guide

Press update, so that the changes are shown on the screen. Now, open the WordPress folder that is located in the panel and select all the available files inside it and press the move option. In the new window, delete the word WordPress and select public_html. For this to be displayed, select the section above level, located at the top.

Once these steps have been completed, we go back to the panel and select mysql database, and create the database for your website. Select the name and press create database. Proceed to create a username and password to access the panel. Scroll down the panel and in the option to add user to the database, select the database and user that you just created.

Finally open a new tab and type your domain name followed by the word /wp-admin, press the enter key and the WordPress installation process will open, follow the instructions of the wizard and press the continue option. Enter the requested data such as username and password and press submit. Then press run installation, enter the title of the site and your email. Select install WordPress and that’s it, it will be installed.

How can I start designing my website from WordPress?

First of all it is necessary toaccess our panel by entering the username and password. To start with the personalization of our web page, it is necessary to access the settings option and press the reading section.

install WordPress pc guide

A series of tabs will be displayed immediately select search engine viewer when entering this site. Click on the summary option to allow the title and a couple of lines indicating the reason for the text to be displayed in small boxes when opening our web page.

For this step, it is recommended to choose a template to start designing, to do this go to the appearance> themes section and press add new. Choose the template you want to put on your website previously downloaded on our device and press the activate option. Finally, press preview to show how the public will be able to see your content. Proceed to add text and images to personalize it and create your own essence.

How to install WordPress on a local server?

For this it is necessary enter the XAMPP web page, you must access the website and proceed to download this program for the version of the device you are using, whether it is Windows, Linux or iOS. Select the download option and proceed to wait for the procedure to finish.

press open and select yes to start the installation. This process can take a period of time between 2 to 10 minutes, it all depends on the processor that your computer has. In the same way, proceed to open the Xampp control panel and press start in the apache option and in the Mysqml.

WordPress themes dashboard home

Minimize this window and in new tab proceed to download WordPress in its latest version. The next step is to open the Windows explorer and locate the Xampp folder which is usually located in the internal storage of the PC. There select the htdocs folder, and proceed to create a new folder with the name of the project.

In the same way, move the WordPress installation file to this folder and take care of correctly extracting the files. On the Xampp web page press the phpMyadmin option to start creating a database. Open a new tab and type localhost/(enter your project folder name here) and press enter. It will direct you to the installation process, follow the steps and ready you will have WordPress at your disposal.

What problems can occur when installing WordPress?

One of the most common problems is the one that tells you that “to carry out the operation you have requested. WordPress needs to have access to your web server.” To solve it, you just have to access a file located in the file manager of your computer. Open a new window to edit it and add the following: define(‘FS_METHOD’, ‘direct’); save the file and make sure you restart the apache server correctly.