How to install the Filza File Manager program on my iPhone? – Fast and easy

Managing files on an iPhone has not always been an easy task, in fact, previously we had to ‘Jailbreak’ our iPhone (a process that you can do from an Android), to be able to use a file explorer and thus manage some more things on our device.

However, those days are over, well, with the Filza File Manager app we can easily manage and in this article we will teach you how to install this program.

What are the tools you will get after installing Filza File Manager?

Filza File Manager It is one of the most complete applications that we can find for our iPhone, however, it is not available in the App Store; this does not mean that it is very difficult to download. Once you do the process, you will be able to enjoy incredible tools that, a long time ago, were unthinkable for an iOS device.

With this app it is also possible open web, windows files, view HTML formats, iWork documents, images, movies, and even compressed ZIP files, which can be compressed or uncompressed on iPhone. In addition, it is possible to move documents, install compatible elements and many more features that we can do with Filza File Manager.

iphone with filza file manager

Allows editing of your files on the same device

With this file manager for iPhone, it is possible to edit some text documentsoffice files, as well as some components such as folder icons, size and shape of file thumbnails, among other available actions.

Downgrading, downgrade applications to previous versions and file recovery

If you have an iPhone model that is not that recent, you can use this great feature of Filza File Manager, called ‘downgrading’, which means the opposite of updating applications; that is, if we don’t want to use an updated app, we use this file manager function and install a previous version that is well optimized with the memory and hardware characteristics of our mobile.

Grant installation of Debian packages

Through this app, it is possible install some components developed in the free use operating system ‘Debian’. Thanks to this, it is possible to use some much more advanced features on the iOS device.

However, this is only possible until the version 12 of the iPhone operating system, you can also know what is the model of your iPhone easily. Through Debian packages, we will be able to optimize the operating system, extend base app functions such as calls, text messages, among others.

How can you start downloading and installing Filza File Manager on iOS?

iphone woman with filza

Although this program is not available in the App Store, there are several possible ways and means to correctly install it, some are simpler than others, but all fulfill the task of running Filza File Manager perfectly. Of course, we must faithfully follow each of the steps that we will present below, because, if we were to make mistakes, we could get mobile failures.

Using Cydia Impactor

This program helps us to install any application that is designed for iPhone, but not found in the App Store. We can use it on both Windows and Linux or Mac to install unofficial packages. To install Filza File Manager, we will have to follow the instructions that we present below:

  1. First of all, we must download Cydia Impactor on our computer. We can download the file directly from its official page.
  2. We download the file or executable of Filza File Manager to our PC, to later be used with this application.
  3. We connect our iPhone through a USB cable and wait for Cydia Impactor to recognize the device.
  4. Once this is done, we drag the executable to the window of this software.
  5. We sign in with our Apple ID, in case you ask us for that information.
  6. We disconnect the mobile, access Settings and grant permissions to the newly installed app.

With the jailbreak version of Filza

dark iphone filza file manager

If we have our iPhone with ‘Jailbreak’, we must use the mobile version of Cydia to install the Filza package. In the ‘IPA’ search engine of the app, we write ‘Filza File Manager’, we choose the first option and follow the instructions that the app asks us for later. Similarly, it is recommended to give the corresponding permissions in iPhone Settings, once the installation is complete.

Through TutuApp

TutuApp is an alternate app store, which we can use to find apps not available in the App Store or Play Store (in case of Android). In this store, we will be able to download the Filza installer without any problems. We only have to access the official page of TutuApp, download its version for iOS, run the application and install the file manager easily.