How to install Exodus on my Kodi device [ Requisitos y proceso completo ]

This becomes difficult for some people to do and the main reason for this is that Exodus has been changed developer so it has changed the way in which it must be installed directly and that its updates are reliable. Make sure that it is correctly configured and that it does not have any type of leak. Something that you should take into account if you have a correctly configured VPN connection without fleeting.

Which is the best Exodus V8 or Exodus Redux option?

They are both very good, Exodus Redux is one of the most popular but, because has not gotten major updates, without good maintenance it would not work in a new version of Kodi. It is still active because it uses OpenScrapers, a group of providers used by other adds – ons.

Instead, Exodus V8 if you have received updates regularly however some of them may be incompatible with some other adds – ons. Which is better or worse will depend on the comfort that its users feel with one of them, so the decision may differ from one user to another.

What requirements do I need to use Exodus?

Before you proceed with the installation in kodi of any of the Exodus versions in Kodi you must be completely sure that Addons is active Starting from its ‘Unknown Origins’, follow these instructions:

  • Enter the Kodi home screen and click on ‘Settings’ which is identified with a gear icon.
  • Now enter the ‘System Settings’ area, then go to ‘Add-ons’ this is on the right of the menu, then go to ‘Unknown sources’, activate it, you will be shown a warning that you must accept. Then just check if this option has really been activated.

configuration interface in kodi

What ways to install Exodus exist and how to do it?

There are three ways you can install Exodus on Kodi, you can do it with the Lazy repository, Kodi Bae, and All Eyez on Me. Next we will tell you how you can do it with each of them in an easy and simple way.

With the Lazy repository

You can install Exodus from the Kodi repository you can do it through Kodi Krypton and Kodi Jarvis‘, with which you can get plugin updates from time to time. Perform the following steps to install Exodus on Kodi:

  • Access Kodi and enter the ‘Settings’ area, go to ‘File Management’. Click on ‘Add Source’ and proceed to check the option ‘None’.
  • Write the URL to continuation on your Kodi: and press the ‘OK’ button. Enter a name with which you want the font to be saved and press the ‘OK’ button twice to save it.
  • Go back into the main Kodi menu and click on ‘Add-ons’ then on ‘Package’. Choose the option ‘Install from zip file’ and select the file you renamed.
  • Click on ‘ZIPS’ and then on ‘’, wait until you receive a notification in which the file to be installed is displayed. There press ‘Install from repository’ and click on ‘Kodi Bae repository’.
  • Select the option ‘Video add-ons’, check ‘Exodus’ and then the option ‘Install’ then wait until expose ‘Adds-on installed’ With which you can now access Exodus and enjoy all the content it offers you.

With Kodi bae

  • Download the Zip file from the Kodi Bae Repository, then go to the Kodi menu and click on Adds-ons, ‘Package’, ‘Install from zip file’. Choose the .zip file that you downloaded earlier and that has been saved with the name of if you didn’t change it.
  • Wait for a moment to be able to install Exodus on Kodi, you will see a notification in which it will say that the add-on has been installed on Exodus.

installation options exodus kodi

With All Eyez on Me

  • Go to Kodi and click on ‘Settings’. ‘File manager’ and then go to ‘Add source’ check the option ‘None’. Write or copy this address: Name it ‘All Eyez on Me Repo ‘, and press ‘OK’ twice to save the steps you performed.
  • Go back to the Kodi menu, go to ‘Add-ons’, Icon Package’ found on the left. Once there select ‘Install from zip file’, then ‘All Eyes on Me Repo’, enter ‘‘, whereupon you will receive a notification that it has been installed.
  • Click on the option ‘Install from repository‘. Then click the All Eyez on Me repository. Mark on ‘Video add-ons’, choose ‘Exodus to install’ and press ‘Install’ wait a few minutes for it to load with it you should see the notification that it has been installed.

Once installed, how do I configure Exodus correctly?

  • Go back to the menu that is below the package icon. Look for the ‘Install’ option from the plugin. Kodi will carry out all this process as long as you have not changed the name of any of them so it should not be difficult to find Kodi Bae, click on it.
  • Find and select the necessary video plugins and then go to Exodus and enter it to expose the plugins and press the ‘Install’ option.
  • Launch Exodus and go back to the start menu Go to ‘Add-ons’, then choose ‘Video Add-ons’ which will expose Exodus next to any plugin you installed earlier.

exodus kodi addons menu

How do you update Exodus on Kodi easily?

  • Go to ‘Plugins’, ‘My Plugins’ and then ‘Video Plugins’. You must select Exodus and click on the option ‘Update’ with this you will be shown the updates you can install.

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