How to install and use Screen Recorder on your Xiaomi mobile? – Screen recorder

Xiaomi is one of the most popular mobile devices of the moment due to its many completely interesting features, among which some stand out. amazing apps like Screen Recorder. It is a screen recorder of the MIUI software system which has a great variety of options and settings once you want to film the desktop of your mobile.

On the other hand, many people do not have this application and wonder how they can get it, but don’t worry. Next we will tell you everything about this interesting app, how you can download it on your mobile device and how you can use it without any problem or inconvenience. Follow us and discover everything about it.

What is the procedure to download MIUI Screen Recorder on your mobile?

The vast majority of Xiaomi users do not need to download this application since this app is integrated by default among the basic MIUI tools. However, there are some people who do not have Screen Recorder on their phone. This can happen because they have an old software version or it can be just an update error.

Faced with this problem, we can propose some solutions. First of all, you can try searching Screen Recorder directly from the Google Play Store. Xiaomi uses this virtual store platform to present some of its own MIUI software tools, therefore, if you take a look you can find it.

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How to find MIUI Screen Recorder from APK on Xiaomi?

There is a large group of people who have communicated that does not have the Screen Recorder app on your Xiaomi mobile device. As we say, this can be due to an update error or an old software problem. In case you cannot download the app from the Play Store, there are other quite feasible alternatives.

Another option that we will have is that you can search directly in other alternative or third-party stores. From here you can download Screen Recorder directly as an APK file, so that it finally stays in the download area of ​​your mobile.

Once you have done this, when you want to install it you will have to deactivate the default option of unknown sources which is presented when an app It is not installed directly from the Play Store. Done we will only have to proceed with the installation steps and that’s it. We will have Screen Recorder on our mobile.

How can you use the Screen Recorder screen recorder on your cell phone?

When you already have the Screen Recorder app on your mobile, you will be able to realize the multiple configurations that it presents for you when you want to start filming. First of all, to start using the screen recorder we will only have to click on the application. Once this is done, filming will automatically be activated and we will be able to see in an icon in the toolbar the minutes that are passing.

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Too we will have different settings, Among these we can highlight the change from 30 fps to 60 fps depending on how you want to record the screen, the resolution of the video and its quality with which you can decide whether to lower or raise this requirement, the default orientation of the screen which it can be static in a single angle or simply automatic and other options.

When you have made the screen recording and want to stop the video You will only have to go to the toolbar and locate us in the Screen Recorder section. From here we will have the option to pause and stop the filming, we will click on ‘stop’ and we will automatically be redirected to the Screen Recorder application.

Once there, we will be given the option to share the video, delete it or simply save it in our gallery. It is also worth noting that in the case of Xiaomi mobile devices we will also have the ability to edit the video just recorded.

For recordings with audio

There is an option within Screen recorder with which you can record the video with added audio, this tool can be activated from the Screen Recorder settings section. We will only have to go to the app and click on the modification box. Once this is done, we can start recording without worrying that the audio during the recording is not taken into account.

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If you want to discard the audio from your mobile

In the event that you need to record the screen of your mobile device but do not require audio, don’t worry, you can also film with Screen Recorder without having this option. To do this we will only have to go to the application settings section.

When we are in here, we will be able to notice that there will be a wide list of options, in which, right at the end of the list, we can see the audio source option. There we will have the options of microphone, external or internal audio and without audio. In our case, we select ‘No audio’ and that’s it. Once the video is done, it will be without any sound.

Why does the Screen Recorder not work on your Xiaomi and how to fix it?

There are several reasons why Screen Recorder does not work on our mobile device. One of the main ones to take into account is due to those phones that have a very old version of MIUI software. This is because normally with the passage of time new updates come out while the old ones are each time taken for granted.

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Those mobile devices that are not taken into account during the updates have to simply keep the latest version of MIUI that they obtained which, clearly, will continue to serve, but maybe on some occasions it presents errors, as for example in applications, which is the case with Screen Recorder.

Finally, there is also the fact that an update has not been downloaded in the best way. This can be a bug that causes various inconveniences. In this case, the best thing will be to reset and re-download.