How to install and configure Spotify on Alexa Echo Dot 4? – Music player

Generally, Amazon devices like Alexa Echo Dot 4 use the Amazon Music service to play the music you like. However, in this article we will teach you how to install and configure other services such as the famous Spotify song platform, so that you can enjoy your favorite playlists on your Alexa.

What is the way to listen to music from your Alexa Echo Dot 4 device?

In reference to Echo Dot 4 devices, they are mostly used to listen to music through its speakers and if you wonder how you can do it on your device, we will give you 2 recommendations for it below.

Installing Amazon music

A pretty good service to listen to music is Amazon Music, it is a good option to download it on your cell phone simply by going to the Play Store or the App store. By having it on your device, you should be aware that if you subscribe you can listen to a lot of songs, around 50 million and being able to enjoy them on your device with Alexa. Now you must perform the following steps to complete the installation:

  1. First, on your cell phone you are going to open the Alexa app and press the play icon located at the bottom in the center.
  2. Next, you are going to go to the ‘More streaming services’ option and click on Explore.
  3. Then, you are going to select the text that is in the notifications of ‘Link service’, in which the music settings are displayed.
  4. Now the app will show you the ‘Default Music Library’. You will need to make sure that you select Amazon Music. By doing this, you will be able to ask Alexa to play songs for you and she will automatically do so from the Amazon library.

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This is also quite practical, in case you cannot pay for a Premium service, since Amazon Music is totally free using Alexa. If you are a consumer of the Snapchat platform, you should know that you can now create your own Geofilters in a personalized way, for any occasion, be it a birthday or for your business, and surprise them with these fun Geofilters.

Listen to music with Spotify

We know that the Spotify platform is one of the most used services by millions of users, where you can find a wide variety of songs and artists. So you can listen to the music you want with Spotifand on your Alexa Echo Dot 4, perform the following process:

  • Start in the Amazon Alexa app on your cell phone, if you do not have it established, you can download it in the app store according to the system of your phone.
  • Now you will move to the list and click on the ‘More’ element located in the upper right place. Next, you will search for the Skrill and games items.
  • When you get there, you will see 3 options, which are: Discover, Categories and Skills.
  • You are going to click on Categories, then on Music and audio. Next you would choose Spotify. You can also use the Alexa mobile app search engine to find the Spotify app faster.
  • When you have clicked on Spotify, you will have to tap a big icon that says Allow Use. A few seconds will pass and you can use it.
  • Next, Alexa will tell you what you have to accept and what you can see from your Spotify account: such as the information, activity or actions that it can perform for you. Then read the terms and restrictions carefully. Then click ‘OK’ at the bottom.

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If you already have the Spotify session started on your cell phone, you will no longer have anything to do, since the session will automatically be configured in your Alexa with your username and password. You can now start using the usual commands to listen to music on this platform.

If you would like to listen to a podcast or play music from the YouTube platform, you should be aware that you can do it on your Amazon Echo device and enjoy the content you like.

How to install Spotify to your Amazon Alexa Echo Dot 4 easily?

In order for you to add your Spotify account on your Amazon Alexa Echo Dot 4 device, perform the following steps:

  • First, enter the Alexa app, when entering it, we press on the menu.
  • Then tap settings and then Music.
  • You are going to select Spotify, to be able to add and link it to the Alexa account.
  • Now you just have to log in to your Spotify and that’s it.

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Install the Alexa App on your mobile

  • First, if you have an Android device, you need to download the Alexa app from the Play Store.
  • When the download is complete, you’re going to sign in to Alexa.
  • Now, you will open the settings of your cell phone and click on ‘Applications’.
  • Then click on Specific Applications.
  • In the assistance apps option, you are going to change the wizard that comes default on your Android cell phone by Alexa’s.
  • Once this action is done, you will call Alexa by pressing the Home icon, in the same way that you would call the Google assistant. Using Amazon’s assistant is a great thing when you have products like the Echo Dot 4 in your home.

How to put Alexa Echo Dot 4 in setup mode?

To put your Alexa Echo Dot 4 device in configuration mode, you simply have to execute these two steps:

  1. You must press the button that says Action.
  2. Now, you’ll have to hold it down until the light seen in the form of a ring turns an orange color (in about 30 seconds). This means that your Amazon device will be in setup mode.

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