How to install and activate free Plugins in WordPress? – Customize your website

To install and activate plugin in WordPress, just enter the administrator of your page, go to the area of ‘Plugin’ and select the option to ‘add new’. Once there, search among several plugins for the one you want to install (by typing the name in the search engine).

Once you get the Plugin you want to use, select it and click the ‘install now’ option, wait for the installation process to finish and once completed, select ‘activate’. Although this procedure seems simple in principle, it is longer and even has several procedures depending on the way you install the plugins. Do you want to know what they are? Stay until the end of this article.

What is the procedure to install Plugins in WordPress?

To install your plugin in WordPress, the first thing you should do is access the WordPress administrator, then click on the ‘menu’ section> add new, once we click there, it will be displayed a screen to write the name of our plugin, then, we must click on the ‘search plugin’ button. Once there, we will select the plugin that we want to use and click on the button with the option to ‘install now’, when we do, a message will be displayed asking us to confirm the installation of our plugin, here we must click on ‘accept ‘.

After completing the installation of our plugin, a table with detailed information of the installation carried out will be displayed, and also, it will show us a link with the option to ‘activate plugin’, that once we click it, it will activate the plugin. Once we activate the plugin, we can see the list of their options, where our plugin will be installed with the name ‘activated’.

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From the official directory

To install a plugin in WordPress from the official directory, just follow these steps:

  1. Enter your WordPress page manager, go to the ‘Plugin’ option and select the ‘add new’ button.
  2. Search and select the plugin you want to install making use of the WordPress keyword search engine.
  3. Once you get it, select ‘install now’, wait for the installation process to finish and click ‘activate’.
  4. If you want to review and configure the installed plugin settings, just go to the ‘plugin’> installed plugin section.


To install your plugins manually in WordPress, just follow these steps:

  1. Download the file. Zip of your plugin.
  2. Enter your WordPress panel and go to the option of ‘Plugins’> add new.
  3. Then, click on the ‘upload plugin’ option (located at the top of your computer screen).
  4. Once you do, click on the browse option and select the plugin file you want to upload.
  5. Finished the load, click on ‘install now’.
  6. After the installation, click on the option to ‘activate plugin’.

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With FTP client

Installing the plugin with an FTP client is a bit more complicated Well, you need to know before how to configure an FTP client, however, below, we leave you all the steps to follow to do it:

  1. The first thing you should do is unzip the ZIP file of the plugin you want to install and save it in a folder on your computer. The folder extracted with the plugin files will be the one that you must upload using the FTP client.
  2. Find the FTP data of your hosting provider to establish a connection to your hosting account. If you have Hostinger, just go to the ‘files’ section of the hpanel and click on FTP accounts.
  3. Once you get the connection, access your FTP clientThere, you must enter the access credentials and click on the ‘fast connection’ option.
  4. Once this is done, go to the panel called ‘remote site’ and go to the wp-content> plugins folder.
  5. In the ‘local site’ panel, open the folder with the plugin files and proceed to upload the extracted files to the plugin directory.
  6. Once the file transfer is complete, the plugin should be installed on your site.

How to activate pre-installed plugins in WordPress?

To activate pre-installed plugins on your WordPress page, access the WordPress control panel, go to the ‘plugins’ menu, select the one you want to activate from the list of options, and click on the ‘activate’ option. However remember that some plugins are interdependent with others, which means that until you have both installed you will not be able to activate either of them.

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What to do if WordPress does not allow to install Plugins?

If you cannot install plugins in WordPress, the first reason why it happens, may be because you are in a multisite installation and you don’t have network administrator permissions (super admin) so you can’t add new plugins. In order to install plugins, it will be necessary that you ask your network administrator to install the plugin you want so that it can appear in your plugins tab, although in this case you can activate or deactivate the plugins that you think are convenient, but without the administrator you will not be able to add a new plugin.

Your role does not allow installing new plugins, in WordPress there are different types of user, each with different permissions and capabilities, only if you are an administrator can you install plugins, if you have another role such as ‘editor’, ‘author’ or ‘collaborator’, you will simply not see the option of plugins in the WordPress dashboard.

Another quite frequent cause is that plugins are not compatible with the current version of WordPress that you have on your computerIf you think that this is the reason why you cannot install the plugin, it is advisable to make sure you install the latest version of this app and that it is compatible with WordPress. In most cases where the problem is due to using a version of WordPress incompatible with the plugin, you will be able to access the WordPress panel and even the ‘add new’ button as normal, but you will have problems installing the plugin.

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