How to Insert YouTube Videos into PowerPoint Slides from PC

Power Point is a program that has a wide variety of editing tools that allow you to create incredible PowerPoint slides, one of those tools is the insert YouTube videos into a presentationThis is very practical when you need to insert a video in your presentation but you don’t want to download a video, you only need to copy the URL of the video and insert it in your presentation.

  1. Login to your YouTube account on your computer.
  2. Find the YouTube video you want to insert into Power Point.
  3. Then at the bottom of the video, click the share button.
  4. Copy the URL of the video you want to put in your Power Point presentation.
  5. Open the Power Point program on your computer.
  6. To insert a video from YouTube in Power Point, go to the tools menu. and click on the “Insert” tab.
  7. Select the Video option, and then click on the “Online Videos” option.
  8. Now you must paste the URL of the video that you copied earlier, and it will automatically recognize the video.
  9. Then click the “Insert” button.
  10. Once the video has been inserted into your Power Point presentation, you can adjust the size of the video.
  11. Then you must check that it works, to do it you must play the video from Power Point.
  12. Finally, you must click on the “Save” icon, or you can also press the Ctrl + G keys on your keyboard, so that the changes made can be saved.

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How to add a second audio and on a slide with a YouTube video?

To create an incredible presentation, you must insert several elements to your slides, so if after inserting a YouTube video in your presentation you want to add a second audio on the same slide, you can do it by carrying out a few simple steps.

  1. Open the Power Point program and select the presentation you want to edit.
  2. Locate the slide that contains the YouTube video.
  3. To insert audio into a PowerPoint slide, select the Insert tab, and you will need to click on the “ Audio ” option.
  4. Select the option of “PC equipment audio”.
  5. Then a window will open, where you must select the audio file that you want to add from your computer.
  6. Click the “Insert” button.
  7. Then the audio you have selected is automatically inserted into your slide.
  8. Finally, it is important that click on the “Save” icon, or you can also press the Ctrl + G keys on your keyboard, and thus save the changes you have made.

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Adding texts

  1. Open the Power Point presentation you want to add text to.
  2. Then go to the toolbar, and click on the “Insert” tab.
  3. Select the “Text” icon, and then click on the “Text Box” or “WordArt” option.
  4. If you select the text box option, you must click on the slide and unfold the text box according to the size you think you need to enter your text.
  5. If you select the WordArt option, just you will need to choose a WordArt style, and then you must write the text you want to place.
  6. To modify the color, size and font of the text, click on the start tab and you will be able to modify your text.

Why can’t you edit a video embedded in your PowerPoint slide?

It is common that when trying to insert a YouTube video in a Power Point presentation an error occurs, this usually happens when your computer has a Power Point version installed. 2016 or older. In addition, it is important that you bear in mind that your computer must meet the requirements To use the YouTube video embed feature, one of these requirements is to have Internet Explorer 11 on the computer.

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Internet Explorer 11 on your computer

So that you can use the function of inserting YouTube videos in your presentations, you must have Internet Explorer 11 installed on your computer, since the function of inserting videos requires Internet Explorer technology to be able to reproduce a video in Power Point.

It is important that you keep in mind that the Internet Explorer does not need to be open to play the video; since PowerPoint only uses its underlying technology when playing a video. Therefore, you must download and install Internet Explorer 11 on your computer, but if your computer’s operating system is Windows 10, you may already have Internet Explorer 11 installed.