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How to increase the sound of your Asus ROG?

You would like to know how to increase the Sound of your Asus ROG? Indeed, your computer is equipped with speakers. These provide the opportunity to listen to music, watch videos … And to be informed of notifications and others. However, there are several methods for adjust Sound on your Asus ROG. In this way, to best help you with this article, we will start by providing you with a list of solutions for increase or decrease the Sound of your PC. Then we will show you how to solve a sound malfunction, in case the procedures did not work.


The main methods to increase the sound on an Asus ROG:

Adjusting the volume of the audio output can be managed in various ways in your Asus ROG. To begin with, there is windows toolbar in which you have a dedicated icon. Otherwise to have quick access. It is also possible to use keys created for this purpose. Finally to view all the configurations. You can also go to the Windows 10 Sound Settings.

Use the Windows taskbar to increase the Sound on an Asus ROG:

This technique is enough easy and intuitive. You just need to identify Sound icon displayed on the right side of the Windows taskbar. Click on it. You will see a small window appear. You will then need to adjust the slider to the right to increase the Sound. Otherwise, towards the left for the decrease. If more than one audio device is connected to your computer. Make sure that the speakers are enabled by default. Otherwise the Sound will be emitted on the second equipment such as an audio headset …

The Sound icon is not displayed in the Windows taskbar of your Asus ROG:

When the Sound icon does not appear on the toolbar. Perform the following steps to display it:

  1. Perform a right click inside the latter.
  2. Then select “Taskbar settings”.
  3. On the part “Notification area”, Press on “Select the icons to display in the task bar”.
  4. At last activate volume.

Know the keyboard shortcut on your Asus ROG:

In case you want to know a more efficient solution for increase or decrease the Sound on your Asus ROG. We suggest you use the dedicated keys. These are easily identifiable thanks to the Sound icon. It is similar to the one on the toolbar. This way you have a key to mute the sound, this can be identified by the crossed out sound icon. Then a key intended for decrease sound volume and another that allows increase it. You will just have to tap on the one that meets your needs.

Go to the Sound Settings of your Asus ROG:

Finally in case you want to access a graphical interface and view all the Sound settings on your Asus ROG. It is also possible to use the Windows 10 settings.

To achieve this, follow the steps below:

  1. Access to Windows settings by clicking on the star wheel in the start menu.
  2. Then select the heading “System”.
  3. And you will have to go to the subsection ” His “.
  4. Finally, on the part “Main volume”, you will have the ability to adjust the volume according to your needs.
  5. Here too, check that the loudspeakers are activated at the list level “Choose your output device”.

Remark: if you would like get higher volume on your Asus ROG. You can go through a pregnant. You can connect the latter by Bluetooth. In this way, you will improve the Sound quality and volume as you need. You can buy this kind of equipment in multimedia stores such as Boulanger, Darty, or Fnac.

Second remark : in case, when you increase the volume, Sound sizzles on your Asus ROG. Do not hesitate to read the tutorial below if you want more information on this subject: Asus ROG: sizzling sound issue

Solve a sound problem on an Asus ROG:

Usually a Sound malfunction on an Asus ROG will be linked to updating the driver. Indeed, know that the speakers installed in your computer are peripheral devices. This indicates that you need a program to perform the data exchange between your operating system and the component. However, sometimes the updates are not carried out properly. However, don’t worry, you will be able to resolve this very easily, in the same way as explained below.

To know more about Sound problems on your Asus ROG. We suggest you read the tutorial below: No more sound on my Asus ROG, what should I do?

Update the speaker driver on an Asus ROG:

For update the speaker driver on your Asus ROG using Device Manager. Perform the detailed steps below:

  1. Go to Device Manager. For this you can use the keyboard shortcut Windows + X. Otherwise, do not hesitate to go through the Windows search bar.
  2. When the window is displayed, find the directory “Audio, video and game controllers”.
  3. Then do a right click on the audio device.
  4. Choose “Update the driver” in the context menu.
  5. Finally choose “Automatically search for drivers”.

In conclusion: increase the Sound on your Asus ROG shouldn’t be complicated. You now have several procedures to succeed. However, if it doesn’t work on your computer. You may experience a sound problem on your computer. In order to remedy this, you must update the speaker driver which is often the cause. If this does not solve the problem, please feel free to read the tutorial listed previously on the sound issues. Otherwise it is also possible to contact Microsoft support.

If you are ever looking for other information on your Asus ROG, we invite you to read the other articles in the category: Asus ROG.

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