How to identify if a number is free or paid? – 900, 901, 902

It is very common to find companies that have customer service telephone services through the numbers 900, 901 and 902. An example of this is the telephone service offered by Netflix. Similarly, other companies provide this service nationwide and aimed at a population with specific or generalized characteristics. In this article we will show you the steps to Identify how much this number is free or paid.

However, many clients are interested in identifying whether these types of numbers are free or you must make a payment, since this will depend on the type of numbering with which the service has been contracted by the company. That is why it is necessary to know what are the specific numbers that companies have to offer a service and what is the cost that is assumed by both the client and the company.

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The special telephone numbers that most companies use will depend on the purpose for which the service was contractedIn this sense, the following are presented:

  • 112: It is a number intended for emergency services.
  • 800 and 900: Identified as toll-free numbers, offered by the public administration.
  • 901: In this case the charge is made partially, that is, the cost of the call is assumed between the user and the company.
  • 902: The cost for this type of call is higher, since it is assumed by the user in its entirety.
  • 905: This type of call is used to carry out voting using telephone services.
  • 803, 806 and 807: They are intended for adult services, entertainment and professional consultations.

How do you know if your country charges you for calls to a 900, 901 or 902 number?

It is very important to be able to identify the cost that it generates us use of this type of special calls offered by companies through customer service, since in most cases numbers 901 and 902 generate a cost equal to or greater than that of a telephone rental call, since they are not included within of the service plans, increasing the rate that we must pay for these services. Therefore, we recommend that you know a way to identify if the number you called is paid or free.

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How to identify if the number you called is toll-free or toll-free?

  • If the call is to the 900 service number, you can make it at no cost, since in this case the call is paid by the person who contracted the service, it is mostly referred to public administration numbers, however, there are some companies that also offer it for free.
  • If the call you want to make is to 901, if you have to pay it partiallyIn other words, in this case the cost will be shared with the service provider, which are generally of a basic nature and of interest to the entire population, such as water, electricity, social protection services, among others.
  • Finally, if the call corresponds to the number 902 you must pay the cost of the call in full and in this case it corresponds to very high amounts, since they are generally long-term calls as they are not answered immediately by the called company, which generates an overload on your payment invoice.

Does it make a difference if you call from your mobile?

The answer is yes. Since the difference between a landline number and a mobile number is notorious, it can even cost up to 5 times the cost of making a call with a landline number. And this varies depending on the taxes established by each mobile phone operator.

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How much of the tax does the telephony charge you for making a call to a 900, 901 or 902 number?

In the case of the 900 number, the call will be free. However, if you are going to make a call to 901 in an approximate time of 5 minutes, this will depend on the operator that makes the call and can vary from 0.22 euros to 2.11 euros if it were the case of a call from a mobile phone, for all these cases each operator must indicate the minimum cost of the call as well as indicate the tax to be charged depending on the duration of the call.

How can you make a call to a 900, 901 or 902 number without being charged?

There are other additional options to the numbers 900, 901 and 902 that the user can use when the time of the call is of long duration or when a saving in our telephone rates is preferred, and this is about numbers that each company is in the Obligation to supply the user because they are customer service companies without the latter having to pay an additional cost.

A quick search for these contact numbers can be through company websites, as well as through websites that contain this information.