How to hide the last connection time in Telegram – Activate invisible mode

Instant messaging services have become a fundamental part of society, being a daily use tool to keep in touch with people around the world with just an internet connection and a mobile device. The need to keep communicating has been part of the human being since its inception, which is why such services are so popular.

Currently the most used application for this is WhatsApp despite the recent security issues that has brought this service and the wide range of alternative and safe applications that exist compared to it. Of all those available applications that currently exist, Telegram has been the only one that represents a real competition to WhatsApp.

Telegram has a interface similar to WhatsApp with the difference that it has a more complex security and encryption system than its competitors, as well as allowing you to use Telegram without a phone number on Android or iPhone so that you can easily hide your personal information from other users.

Generally, many users end up opting for the most popular option without paying attention to the details and features that each service contains. However, in recent times this has been changing, the mass of users of Telegram has grown exponentially thanks to the security of personal information that it has to offer.

Not only through personal privacy settings and the encryption service, Telegram has a virtual cloud to store files and save photos, videos or conversations in a totally safe and password-protected place, away from the internal software of the application and internal phone storage for prevent any leakage of private information.

official telegram logo within android

Taking into account the aforementioned, it can be easily observed that the safety advantages that Telegram offers are superior compared to its direct competitors. With that in mind, we will continue to talk about the privacy of this service by showing you how to hide the last connection time in Telegram, that is, by activating the invisible mode.

Activate invisible mode in Telegram

With the function of invisible mode you can hide your online status and thus avoid being written while you are busy, or simply do not want to talk to anyone. So that you avoid inconveniences when you see that you have connected but you have not answered a previous message.

It is important to note that when activating the invisible mode You will also not be able to see the last connection time of your contacts, For this reason, it is not recommended to have this option activated all the time, but only for short periods of time for privacy reasons.

The process to activate this option is very simple and in a short time you can enjoy itYou simply have to open the official Telegram application for Android and in the upper left screen select the three horizontal stripes to open the application’s options menu.

Once you have entered the options menu, select the icon with the shape of a nut at the end of the list that says “Settings” to open the application settings, in the next menu select the option “Privacy and security”, in this new menu select the section of “Last time online” and choose one of the three options that are available.

Other Telegram functions

In case you are still interested in learning more about this instant messaging service, here we present other options that you have available to make the most of this communication tool, which in turn can be much more than meets the eye.

instant messaging design with telegram

Saved messages: with this option you can open a chat with yourself, so that you can use the application to leave reminders or use it as a notepad.

Access code: Through Settings> Privacy and Security> Access Code You can enter a security pattern to the application as if it were unlocking the screen of your mobile.

Account self-destruction: You can delete and lock your account after a predetermined period of inactivity in case you stop using this service.

Self-destructing message: You can also send messages that they will be deleted after a predetermined period of time.