How to have more real followers on Instagram in an organic way? – Helpful tips

Instagram has become a very influential social network nowadays, which every day continues to be more receptive to all people around the world, you can join by downloading Instagram in the store that uses your mobile device.

It is no longer just about being an application in which the best photos or videos are uploaded, if it has not become an application that helps to position essential content for marketing business, because it has become a cover letter from a famous person also called influencers or a store, for this to work you need to have a good number of followers who are organic, who enjoy your publications and manage to support the content, if you want to learn how to get real followers follow our advice.

What is the best type of content you can upload to your Instagram profile?

There is no magic recipe for create the perfect content for Instagram, but you can take into account that you must create a type of content that represents you and that is sustainable for you, since the worst thing you can do on Instagram is create false content.

The best content you can post on instagram is that with intention, that is, the type of content that fulfills a purpose or a mission to which your page responds, since these are the ones with which your ideal audience will feel represented or will attract their attention and thus create organic followers , for this reason it is good that you define what you want to share.

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Other kind of crucial content for your Instagram profile It is the value one, the one where you can teach something about what your page is about, an example is that your Instagram is from a store, then you can make a post that deals with how to use what you sell or if it is about food you can upload a video how to make a recipe.

Here are some ideas about content you can upload:

  • How to get from point A to point B
  • Customer photos
  • Show why you are my ideal audience
  • Guides and tutorials.
  • Selfies or B-roll.
  • Show your tools or work equipment.
  • Show your animals or pets.
  • Give solutions.
  • Your daily routine.
  • Motivate your followers.

When uploading content take into account the algorithm of the platform, this basically consists in that it will show more those publications that make people not scroll (scroll) quickly, but make them stay longer in the application, so we recommend that you upload photos in a carousel, record reel videos and that have strategic caption.

How to use stories to drive more visits to your publications?

Instagram stories have become one of the crucial tools when making content today, because through them you can better reach people.

With the stories you can make the algorithm work for you and thus achieve more visits in your publications, you can achieve it using the interaction in your favor. According to what is currently known about the Instagram algorithm is that the first followers that show the stories are those who are interested in your content, the second are those with whom you interact by exchanging messages privately and finally to users who know you In real life, this is one of the reasons that companies have a harder time reaching more people.

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These are some ideas that you can do in your Instagram stories to create more interaction:

  • Share your personality or the personality of your business.
  • Make question boxes.
  • Create polls.
  • Tell stories, usually that are common themes that allow your audience to identify.
  • Use the tools of the stories add text, add images, add stickers, etc.
  • Use links that forward to your post.
  • Use hashtags

The more interaction you have in your stories, the more will favor the engangement from your profile.

In what way should hastags be used so that your post has more diffusion?

When you want to create content on Instagram and achieve more diffusion, another aspect that you can take into account is learning to use popular Instagram hashtags, because by using them you can appear more easily when someone is looking for or following specific content, it will also help you to appear in the explore section and consequently have more diffusion. You can use them as follows:

  • In your publications, after the caption you can add the # followed by a word that has to do with the content of your post.
  • In stories, you can add them to the side or hide them on the side of your stories and use words about what your story is about.
  • On reels, when you use these hastags they help you get your videos out to more people.

Is it worth sub x sub with other accounts or does this affect your profile?

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If you want to have organic followers that really consume and value your content the worst thing you can do is use the ‘sub x sub’This is when one person talks to another to agree to follow each other. At first it may seem like a great idea, since you can get followers more quickly, but in the long term it does not work as a good strategy, because there is no use having a lot of followers if your content is not going to have interaction, that’s why one of the worst methods

With what program can you edit your images to make them go viral?

There are a variety of programs to edit images, but the ones we recommend the most is Adobe Lightroom, Snapseed, VSCO, PicsArt, and Polar In them you will be able to find the best tools to edit contrast, lighting, colors and even delete things from your photos and if you want to edit videos we recommend using Capcut, which is one of the best applications for this.

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