How to get money within Adopt me! from Roblox? – Getting a job

If you are in the world of online video games, you will surely know Roblox, famous for its wide catalog of free servers to play and for its multiplatform system, allowing you to download it both on PC and on your mobile device.

One of its best known servers today is Adopt me!, a role play, in which you have to put yourself in the role of an adult or a child, where your goal is to improve your house, while taking care of yourself and your pet, but, to achieve all this, you must get Bucks (The official currency of the game) , to complete the objectives of the game. Luckily, there are several ways to get money easily, you can get it by working or following various activities throughout the game.

What jobs can you get within Adopt me and what do you have to do in them?

Inside the game, you will have different jobs to be able to get money, for this, you will have to create a micro company, I feel this one, a sale of different types of food, among which the sale of lemonades, hot dogs and ice cream stands out.

selling lemonades

A good way to earn money is to create a lemonade stand and place it in a very visited part of the city from Adopt Me!, as the center. This stand comes with a cash register to keep the money, some bottles, different decorations such as a flowerpot and, on the top, it contains a sign that says “(Player’s Name) Lemonade”.

roblox adopt me lemonade

To sell lemonade, the first thing you need to do is buy the lemonade stand in the in-game store, this stand It has a price of 50 Robux, currency that you must buy with real money (Although you can also get them for free with different tricks).

When you buy it, it will be saved in your inventory, when you select it it will appear transparently in front of you, it will be floating so you can decide where to place it. After this, you must choose the price which will range between 1 and 20 Bucks. And that’s it, you can start selling lemonades to the different users of the game.

Sell ​​hot dogs or ice cream

To sell hot dogs or ice cream in Adopt Me!, it is very similar to how it is to sell lemonade, both stands are located in the store, the Hot Dog stand with a price of 95 Robux and the ice cream stand with a price of 350 Robux. After buying one of them, it will appear in your inventory, you will have to place it in a busy place in the city and start selling with a price between 1 and 20 Bucks.

What to do to get a free lemonade stand and get a job at Adopt me?

If you don’t have how to buy Robux and want get a job at Adopt Me!, you should know that there is a way to get a food stall for free, although it is very unethical and it is about stealing someone else’s stall. For this, you must get a stall that is empty, then you must stand in front of it, click on it, and that’s it, now this food or drink stall will be completely yours and you can start selling.

ocean eggs roblox

If you take care of your own pet, is it considered a job in Adopt me?

It can’t really be considered a job like selling lemonade or ice cream, but the game does reward you for taking care of your pet, since, every ten minutes the game will give you a check of 20 bucks. This will appear in the center of the screen, and to collect it you must click on the word “Collect” in order to receive the money.

How to make your house in a cash register to earn money in Adopt me?

The cash register has the function of receiving donations from other players, in this way, you will get extra rewards when playing Adopt Me!. To get the cash register you must buy it in the store, it has a value of 300 bucks. After this, you must place it in a conspicuous place in your house and that’s it, you have the cash register working.

Remember that if you want to take advantage of this, you can have parties at your house, either themed (such as dressing up as trash) or not, where they can donate to you so you can get a good amount of money when playing.

adopt me press

What positions have the highest salaries within Adopt me from Roblox?

There are different jobs with which you will get different positions within the game, such as being a caretaker of a child or pet within the game, where you will earn money for feeding it, showering it, making it rest and dressing it.

They will also give you money for planting trees, for this, you must get 1450 bucks, then you must go to the rare item shop and buy 1, 2 trees, plant them and when you harvest their fruits, you will see earnings between 8 and 100 bucks a day. They will also reward you if you log in daily, giving you rewards that will increase in value for each day that passes and you are logging into the game.