How to get free shipping products on AliExpress? – Take advantage of offers

Aliexpress an excellent eCommerce spanning the globe and will offers to clients international products that can be searched with images where you can see their high quality. Do you want to find out how to get those products with free shipping? Here we are going to help you do it.

How to get coupons in the AliExpress store?

Are you an Aliexpress buyer? If so, you know that you have excellent customer service. Now you want how to get your coupons in the app. Coupons are used to buy the products that the platform offers you in discount. It is super important that you know that the application has two types of coupons, ‘Aliexpress coupons’ and ‘seller’s coupons’.

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The coupons are those of selection, raffled and given in promotional times, there is also the ‘welcome coupons’ given to customers when they sign up. To get the coupons it is very easy to do it from the same platform, on the main page of Aliexpress you will find ads for discount coupons. You just have to click on ‘Get’ to add them to your username. They will be saved in the option ‘My coupons’ and you can use them for your purchases.

How to know if a product has free shipping?

If we are making a purchase on Aliexpress, the way to know if a product has free shipping is by entering the app. By accessing it at the top, click on the search icon and write the name of the item you want to buy. You will instantly see a list containing the results of your search. Then click on the ‘Filters’ option on the right of your screen, a menu of options will be displayed, choose the ‘Free Shipping’ option. When you press, you will see a list of items that have free shipping. That way you will know, this same method can be used from the company’s website.

What is the way to get coupons for free shipping on AliExpress?

We must bear in mind that the discounts or coupons that this store offers us for our purchases are not available on all items since it is a strategy of each seller individuallyTo achieve this, we must access the Aliexpress page, since there is no external page that offers us coupons. Coupons must be earned or sometimes appear on items that have them. There are some pages of the online store that we can see the coupons promised in each one by category.

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Seller coupons are visible to all users From this platform and the Aliexpress coupons you have to earn it in games or using its application, it is super important that you know that every November 11 this store gives away many more coupons than the rest of the year, since it is Singles’ Day and it is an important date for the world of virtual sales since each year the sales figures of the previous year are exceeded.

Where to view the current offers in the store?

If it is your first experience in this popular online store, you must be a bit lost and it is difficult for you to find certain things in the App. How, for example, the offers, it is necessary that you take into account that the offers they last very little online. Now we are going to help you discover where to see the offers available in the store. You must access the Aliexpress app and on the first page you will find ‘Flash offers’ under ‘Group purchases’, there you must press ‘More’ to benefit from the offers available on the page.

How to configure the filters to see only products with free shipping?

AliExpress offers its users free coupons, regardless of location where you are, you can easily find it using external pages, in the ‘All stores’ section it will show you a search box, where you must write the name of the store and generate free shipping quota and a favorable discount.

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To activate these filters from the store, what you must do is enter your mobile device from the application or from your PC, once inside you must go to the ‘Freebies’ section in the gifts icon, and different product categories will be displayed in which you must choose according to your tastes since AliExpress sellers they offer a large number of promotions or quotas, these free coupons are intended for interested users to write a review to the seller or a good evaluation of their sales, these reviews must be accurate but extensive to have the best chance of receiving free coupons.