How to get crystal chests faster playing Parchis Star?

One of the games that has become popular and become the favorite of many families and people in general, is Parcheesi. Here it is possible to obtain different benefits and customizations of tokens, dice and other elements. But also you may get better prizes If you have more glass chests, if this interests you a lot, pay attention to all the material.

What are the types of chests in Parchis Star?

In Parcheesi Star there are several types of chests that can be obtained in the course of the game, these vary in category according to the content and number of objects they contain. Which makes be very attractive and valuable for all players, so that they can get the most out of this entertaining game.

Type of reward

According to the reward, they are based on giving the players three general prizes, on the one hand it grants gems to buy, dice that also vary by category and coins. Depending on the type of chest that you have obtained, the type of prize that you are given varies.

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For example, in the silver chest you can get some common type dice and some gems or coins (one of the two options, not both). Instead, in the chest of gold you can have common and rare, plus a certain amount of gems. For you to have it, you must install the app on your mobile and try your luck with the chests.

In case you manage to get a crystal chest (these are the most important in the game), then there you can get dice from the two best categories that are epic and even legendary. You can even achieve a good remuneration of coins and gems (here if both options enter) and there may be other types of prizes, quite possibly.

Number of objects

For its part, each of the chests offers a limited amount of objects. In the case of dice and depending on their type, there may be from one up to three maximum per category. When there are two types of dice, you can have one or two for each one of them, but in most cases the players take up to 3 different pairs of dice, although very few are lucky enough to take 4 of them.

When it comes to the amount of gems and coins, this also varies a lot from the type of chest you have managed to obtain. This amount varies between 500 up to a total of 10 thousand coins if you are very lucky, while the gems (having a higher value), the amount of them is less, with a maximum of 100 that can be found in a chest

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How to easily get chests in Parchis Star?

If you want to rack up good prizes through chests, then you need to know how to get them (as well as getting dice). Next, we will tell you what you must do to achieve collect very good rewards and thus have a greater advantage when playing. Remember to have the application installed and link it with Facebook, so you can receive gifts from your friends, including chests.

However, if you only play with your Facebook friends, you will not be able to have chests in this way as they are private games for the game. The idea is that you believe games with random players, so that it is public, and if you win then a chest will come out as a prize, so if you keep playing like this, you will have more and more.

Also if you play games with only two players and you are victorious, either because you play very well or because the other player has abandoned the game. In either of these two cases you may go accumulating and obtaining more chests in a much faster way than normal. However, if you have full chest space, you will lose them because there is nowhere to store them.

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Which chest offers the best rewards in Parchis Star?

Generally speaking, diamond chests are the ones that offer the best benefit to players. Within them you can have one, two or three epic dice, but you can also have between one to three pairs of legend type dice. Although it is very difficult to get more than three pairs of dice with this chest.

In addition, you will have better various prizes such as chips with the best designs or the most exclusive, also coins in good quantities and likewise, you will be given a sufficient reward of gems.

How often do you get the golden chests?

Now, each chest has a period of time to be able to open, depending on the type of reward that is obtained (you can invite your friends, play with them and help you). In this sense, gold chests take eight hours to be able there to claim the content that is within them. So when you get one, you must have a lot of patience to have the prize, otherwise you must pay gems to subtract hours and the process is faster.