how to get btc?

At the moment cryptocurrencies are in trouble, prices are collapsing and the fall of the Terra blockchain hasn’t helped. However, there is a cryptocurrency that is solid, useful and that enjoys a good reputation is BITCOIN (BTC). Bitcoin is in my opinion an ideal cryptocurrency to diversify your investments and this tutorial will give you tips on how to buy Bitcoin.

This article is not investment advice, cryptocurrencies are very volatile and you may realize a loss of capital! Invest only money that you are prepared to lose.

There are different guides to buy Bitcoin I liked this guide the platform has tested different Exchanges and it inspired me a lot in writing this article.

Why buy Bitcoin?

BITCOIN is the very first cryptocurrency. It was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. We do not know who is the creator of BITCOIN or even if it is a group, in any case Satoshi Nakamoto has not given any news for many years.

The BTC was created following the SUBPRIME crisis, the goal being to be able to regain power over its money, the network being decentralized no entity can censor it.

To secure transactions BITCOIN uses the “proof of work” or the proof of work. It is the miners who validate and control the transactions on the blockchain.

It is the “proof of concept” that it is possible to use a blockchain and cryptoassets. BITCOIN allows you to diversify your investments and even beat inflation. The number of BITCOIN is limited, it cannot have more than 21 Million tokens.

The overlay Lightning Network also makes it possible to carry out transactions very quickly for ridiculous transaction costs. It is possible to send BITCOIN from the other side of the world in minutes! Compare this situation with an international bank transfer.

Buying Bitcoin is therefore participating in a revolutionary ecosystem and discover the new version of the Web, Web 3.0 without a control body.

the bitcoin symbol
The symbol of the BITCOIN cryptocurrency.


Now that you know BTC you must be wondering how to buy bitcoin ?

At the very beginning of Bitcoin, the purchase of Bitcoin was complex, you had to go to the Darkweb.

Now there are Exchanges or Brokers for buy Bitcoin simply with a bank card or a SEPA transfer.

The SEPA transfer is more interesting for the costs but some banks will block any transfer to crypto-asset platforms.

The most famous platforms are Binance, Coinbase or even A very practical platform is also ETERO which allows you to quickly buy BTC.

Of course you can buy bitcoin shards there are 8 decimal places which are also called SATOSHIso you can buy 0.003 BTC for example.

For each registration you must pass an identity verification step (the KYC) , this step asks for a copy of your passport or identity card. It is mandatory since brokers must scrupulously respect the laws of different countries.

the Binance platform
Binance website homepage.

French Platforms

There are French and PSAN-certified platforms (Digital Asset Service Provider). Feel-Mining offers simple solutions to buy Bitcoin. In a few clicks it is possible to schedule recurring purchases of BTC.

buy Bitcoin on FeelMining
Example of purchase on Feel Mining.

The DCA technique

The DCA (Dollard Cost Average) technique consists of buying Bitcoin at regular intervals for the same amount. So you smooth the acquisition price and you ignore volatilities. This technique is recommended for very long-term savings.

For example each month you can buy 50€ of BTC.

The most difficult thing with this technique is to maintain your buying plan, especially when the price goes down. But you have to be reassured the BTC is rather in a bullish trend over the long term.

Buy Bitcoin with Paypal

It is not possible to buy Bitcoin with Paypal, however Paypal has not hidden its interest in cryptocurrencies. Alone Coinbase integrates Paypal but only for withdrawals.

It is very likely that buying cryptocurrencies with Paypal will be much easier in the years to come.

The Risks of Buying Bitcoin

The flight

Buying Bitcoin is not without risk. You always have to assume that it’s lost money and you absolutely have to be able to continue living even if you lose your Bitcoins. It is possible to get your BTC stolen if you use risky protocols on the DEFI. This is why it is strongly recommended to keep your BTC on a wallet Ledger .

capital loss

This is a risky investment, your investment will go YOYO, but you have to remain confident over the long term. Look at the price of BTC in recent years.

Finally, there will be regulations in the coming years, which can put a brake on the ecosystem.