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How to get Aero Glass theme on Windows 10

One of the most popular features of Windows 7 was the glass effect, which gave the desktop a modern and brighter look. But despite the many requests made, Microsoft refused to reuse the Aero Glass theme in Windows 10.

This theme was originally introduced in Windows Vista, and you might currently think it’s impossible to take advantage of Aero Glass on Windows 10. Don’t worry, fans of curved edge, slightly transparent windows, and dialogs, because we’re here to help.

Here’s how to get the Aero theme on Windows 10.

How to Get Aero Glass Theme on Windows 10 - Windows

Why would you want to go back to Aero Glass?

Windows 7 was a huge success after Windows Vista and was the most popular operating system of its time. While Windows 8 was widely derided. With a functional desktop, Windows 7 can be considered an attractive version of Windows XP. But the Aero Glass theme that distinguished it was dropped with the arrival of Windows 8, and it hasn’t been brought back to Windows 10.

It may have been dropped as part of the move to update the operating system. This update now includes standardization of the operating system across desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and Xbox One with a more battery-efficient user interface.

Going back to Aero basically brings back the good vibes from the days of Windows 7. At the time of writing, 10% of Windows users are still using Windows 7.

But this has security implications, which is why upgrading to Windows 10 is a safer option. You can check out Windows 7 End of Life Tips and Security Support.

Aero Theme Requirements for Windows 10

The desire for the Aero theme to return is so strong that at the time of writing it has received over 50,000 votes on the Windows Feature Suggestions page, where ideas are posted by Windows Insider members.

As the person who suggested her return states:

“I understand that concessions have been made with Windows Aero (lite) that we will call it to allow you to take advantage of better battery life on mobile devices; But Microsoft forgot that more than 250 million (75 million of them on Steam alone) use gaming PCs that can handle GPU- and RAM-hungry OS players like Aero Glass .

If you miss Aero, keep reading to learn how to use a third-party tool to bring this popular theme to life.

Check your version of Windows 10

Before proceeding, make sure you know which version of Windows 10 you are using. The tools required to enable the Aero theme often keep multiple copies when new versions of Windows 10 are published.

To find out which tool to download, first check your version of Windows 10.

  • Click on Win + I to open settings.
  • Locate النظام -> حول.
  • Scroll down to Windows Specifications.
  • Find the version.
How to Get Aero Glass Theme on Windows 10 - Windows

Make a note of the version information for the operating system you have. When you have the option to multiple downloads, choose the one that matches your version of Windows 10.

Get Aero Theme on Windows 10 with Winaero Tweaker

The popular Winaero Tweaker is also compatible with Windows 10. It bundles a bunch of user interface tweaks into one app, is easy to use and gives good results.

Download: Winaero Tweaker (Free)

After downloading the ZIP file, extract the contents and run the setup file. Select normal mode and agree to the license terms when prompted.

Browse through the left pane to Appearance -> Aero Lite. Here, enable Aero Lite , which is a hidden feature in Windows 10 (and Windows 8.x).

How to Get Aero Glass Theme on Windows 10 - Windows

Once you do that, switch to Screen Appearance -> Alt + Tab Appearance. Here, use the slider to adjust the background transparency for Alt + Tab. You can also set transparency to your preferred dimmed desktop level.

How to Get Aero Glass Theme on Windows 10 - Windows

When finished, close the application. If you decide that you don’t like Aero Lite, just launch WinAero Tweaker again and go back to the default theme. just click Appearance -> Aero Lite -> Set Windows Default Theme-. You can also undo all changes made with this tool using the button Reset to default settings.

WinAero Tweaker is a feature-packed set of tools that can do a lot more than just add the Aero theme to Windows 10. It’s worth taking the time to look at how we can help you customize Windows 10 in ways you never imagined.

Aero Glass For Windows 8

For a more complete Aero look, try Aero Glass For Windows 8.

This tool provides the transparency and color options that you would expect from the classic version of Aero for Windows Vista and 7. However, this will not be done by an application; Alternatively, Aero Glass For Windows 8 adds some new registry items for you to tweak.

As such, Aero Glass For Windows 8 is recommended for advanced Windows users only.

To get started with Windows 10, use the download option for the latest version. Once installed, you will enjoy the visual enjoyment of clear border blurring, back window shade, caption glow effect, and rounded borders.

to download: Aero Glass For Windows 8 (Free)

During installation you will see two options:

  • Win10 Acrylic design
  • Win8 RP Aero Glass design

These are additional attributes that are derived from the main Aero Glass. Select the option you prefer, then Next. You also have the option to protect Aero Glass by modifying access permissions, but this is rarely required on a single user’s computer.

After installation, Aero Glass will be ready to use. However, there is no application to implement, and the settings cannot be modified in the Windows 10 settings screen.

  • Click on Win + R.
  • Enter Regedit and click OK.
  • In the Path field, paste:
  • Adjust settings
How to Get Aero Glass Theme on Windows 10 - Windows

Each entry is presented as a DWORD, which is a 32-bit value that can be entered as a decimal or hexadecimal number. It will take time to find the result you want with Aero Glass For Windows 8, but you will have more control over the options. Take a look at the app’s help page for more details.

What about the “hidden” Aero Lite theme in Windows 10?

When Windows 10 was first released to the world, it featured the unlockable Aero Lite theme. Which could have been enabled with a single Notepad trick.

Unfortunately, this no longer works. While the manual contains C:WindowsResourcesThemes On a theme called Aero, it adds nothing but an Aero-like color scheme. Where it doesn’t offer any transparency options, eg.

The most secure and consistent way to unlock the hidden Aero Lite theme in Windows 10 is by using these tools.

Aero Alternatives for Windows 10

Having developers who are passionate about creating Aero mods for Windows 10 is a plus, and we’re grateful for that. But when will Microsoft restore the much needed desktop look to its operating system?

Until that happens, consider replacing your Windows 10 desktop with Aero Glass or some cool themes. Or you can check out how to make Windows 10 look like Windows 7, Windows XP, or even Windows 8

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