How to free up more space on your Nintendo Switch OLED – Quick and easy

Unlike other more powerful consoles of the last generation, such as the PlayStation 5 or the new Xbox in its X or S presentations, the Nintendo Switch does not have an SSD hard drive, so its storage capacity is not that great.

For this reason, unless you use a microSD card to increase storage, you will probably find yourself with low memory problems in the future, causing you to be unable to download new games to your Nintendo Switch.

How to have more storage on your Nintendo Switch OLED?

Essentially, there are two effective ways to have more space to store games or applications on your Nintendo Switch Oled: deleting unnecessary files or inserting a microSD card.

Delete unnecessary files

It is normal to have recordings of your games and captures stored in our memory; or some app that we use only once. All that is unnecessary if we weren’t using it, and occupies a precious space that could be dedicated to something more useful.

The console gives us the option to transfer various of this data to the cloud, so as not to have to delete them permanently, in case you want to recover them in the future. Such data can also be transferred to the SD card.

Add an SD card

Being a console that does not have hundreds of gigabytes of storage like others, having a microSD card is essential so you can take your entire library of games with you. It is not a mandatory requirement, but it saves you the trouble of having to periodically delete games.

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There are 3 supported microSD card types: microSD (up to 2 GB), microSDHC (4 GB to 32 GB) and microSDXC (capacities greater than 64 GB). To use the microSDXC you must update your console to recognize it.

Once you have it ready, all the things you download they will go directly to your SD card automatically. The files that you had before must be transferred manually from the data management menu of your console. In the settings menu, go to ‘Data management’. If you have an SD card installed, you will see the option ‘Move data between this console and a microSD card’.

How to free up storage space on Nintendo Switch OLED?

In the same way that you should clean the temporary files of your computer, or the cache of your phone to free up memory and open space for more applications, you should also look at how much available storage your console has.

  • Go to the console settings menu.
  • On the left side look for ‘Data management’.
  • You will see the free space in the memory of the console.
  • If you download, you will find several options to free up storage.
  • You can archive games on your Nintendo Switch, send them to the SD card or to the cloud.

Archiving games makes you still see the icon of said game in the main menu, and keep all its data, such as progress and saved games, but when you go to open it you will have to download it again completely.

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How to uninstall Factory Apps or Games from your Nintendo Switch OLED?

Again, within the data management menu, click on ‘Programs’. A list with all your installed programs and apps will appear. You should only look for those that you want to delete. Next to the app icon you will see information about when was the last time you used it, and how much memory it occupies in your console’s storage.

Click on the app and select ‘Delete the program’, confirm the action again by clicking on ‘delete’. The program will be erased and the console will send you to the Home menu.

How to delete all uninstalled game data to free up space on your console?

uninstalled to free up space on your console?

Go to the options of your Nintendo Switch, and in the data management apartment, scroll down to the end. Enter ‘Clear save data’ and you will see the list of all installed applications and games. Choose the app for which you want to erase the data and on the screen you will see several options.

If you have more than one user account, you can choose whether to delete the data of several accounts or a specific one. You will also have the option to erase the save data of the program.

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What is the way to expand the memory of your Nintendo Switch OLED to have more space?

This is only possible through the installing a microSD card, to do so you must:

  • Turn off your console.
  • Upload to back tab of your console (the one you use to make it stand on its own) and identify the microSD memory slot.
  • Once you know which is the entrance, which you will see on the left side, you should look at the position in which it is inserted the card
  • It should go smooth side down, although the console shows you a little diagram of how it goes.
  • Insert the card and push it slightly until you hear a ‘click’. This will keep it inside.
  • To remove the card, you just have to push and again, and she will come out a little, then you must take her out completely.