How to Forward Outlook Emails to one or more Contacts? – Effective guide

Outlook is one of the most widely used email services worldwide, giving its users great confidence that their information is safe, in addition to the useful Outlook integration to Windows and its frequent updates, among its functions is the possibility from forward Outlook emails to multiple contacts at the same time, which will save you time and allow you to send a message automatically if you wish.

What are the steps to forward an Outlook email message?

For forward an email from Outlook, you will have to log in to your account, then go to your message box if you want to forward a received message or to the compose area if you want to first write your message and then forward it to others. This procedure will be the same for all versions of Outlook, it is in the following steps where the process varies depending on the platform on which you are.

From your Windows PC or Mac

In case you are on a computer (Windows or Mac) the first thing you will have to do is:

  1. Open the web browser of your choice and go to the Outlook web page
  2. Once there go to the “Access” or “Start session” section (the name varies according to your region) and add your email and password to be able to enter, you can also log in to Outlook from Windows 11
  3. In the inbox, find the email you want to forward and access it or, compose your email first
  4. Once inside the email that you will send to others you have to select the option that is located in the upper central part of the screen and says ‘Forward’ after this fill in the “To” fields with the email address of the people to the ones you want to forward said message, if you don’t have the exact email address a suggestion will be displayed in the search bar (you can also try typing their names if these users have already received emails from your account).

forward emails in Outlook

Once you have finished with your list, select “send” when the email reaches the recipient. You have to bear in mind that this will be able to see that it is a forwarded email since it will show the original email address that sent this message to you. bill.

Using the Android or iOS mobile app

If you find yourself using the Outlook mobile app, fear not, you can also forward messages to multiple emails In a simple way, you can even carry out the procedure without an Internet connection and it will be completed when you have access to the web again, for this:

  1. Open the Outlook app on your Android device or iOS and log into your account
  2. Click on the “Options” menu at the top and select “Inbox” this will take you to the section of the same name
  3. There you can search among all the emails you have received so far, in case you can’t find it you can use the options menu and change the inbox category (Spam, Junk, etc.) if you can’t find the entry that you need may be because you accidentally deleted it, so you will have to recover the deleted email.
  4. At the bottom you will see certain options such as “Archive” or “Reply” followed by these select “Forward” a new tab will open where you have to select the email addresses registered in your account or write it in case it is not , you can select as many as you want at the same time
  5. After finishing the previous step, click on “Resend” to finish the process, this will cause the email to be sent to all contacts selected, note that recipients will be able to see the “forwarded” nature of the email and the address of the account that originally sent it.

turn on automatic forwarding in Outlook

How can you configure an automatic forwarding of Outlook emails?

If you are the administrator of a company or you work with several clients, students, etc. And you constantly find yourself needing to forward some kind of email to multiple accounts at once so you may find the function of automatic forwarding of emails in Outlook, This function will allow you to carry out the procedure of the previous step in a much easier way, being quite convenient if you need to constantly communicate with a certain number of accounts, for this:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ within Outlook, this option is found as a gear symbol at the top of the screen on Windows or Mac and within the drop-down menu in the mobile device app
  2. There select ‘View all Outlook settings’ and then go to ‘Mail’ and ‘Forwarding’
  3. Next, the application will ask you to choose a way to verify your identity, this can be through two-step verification, security questions, etc.
  4. After completing the previous step you will have access to the forwarding section, there check the box ‘Enable forwarding’ and a bar with the name of ‘will be unlocked.Forward my email to: ‘there write all the addresses of accounts to which you normally need to forward your emails.

The procedure of auto forward It does not have any kind of limitation, so you can use it to send attachments, communications or forms to as many people as you want, being an invaluable function for work environments.

How to customize message forwarding in Outlook?

how to automatically forward emails

In case you need to add more accounts or remove some of your Outlook auto forward list then go to:

  1. ‘Settings’ then ‘View all Outlook settings’ and finally ‘Mail’
  2. Then select ‘Forwarding’ and go to ‘Forward my email to:’
  3. There you will see the list of emails with which your forwarding works, you can remove and add accounts as you like, press ‘Save’ so that the changes are saved in the system.