How to format my hard drive on Linux system? – Simple guide

It is possible that at some point you will require more space on your hard drive and see the system slow down with lower performance. In any of these cases, many users proceed to erase main unit to troubleshoot, which is also known as formatting. For this reason, here we will explain how to format my hard drive in Linux system?

What should be prevented before formatting a hard drive in Linux?

One of the aspects that you should prevent before formatting a hard disk in Linux is to apply this process without first scheduling a backup in order to back up all relevant data. Remember that after formatting the hard drive, all the content on that drive will be deleted.

Another aspect to prevent before formatting a hard drive in Linux is applying the process to the wrong drive. Therefore, it is essential check which hard drive is failing or requires a formatting process. Make sure to identify all the storage drives that connect to your computer to avoid inconvenience.

What are the steps to format a Linux computer?

The steps to format a Linux computer will depend on the medium you use to carry out this process properly. In this sense, it is possible to do it from CMD, using an interface from ‘Gparted’ or choose use other tools like KDE Partition Manager or GNOME Disks if you are looking to format a Linux PC.

format hard drive in linux

From CMD

If you want to format a Linux computer from CMD you should open a command window by pressing the key combination ‘Ctrl + Alt + T’. Then check that you can access hard drive that you are going to format with the sudo fdisk –l commands. Next, you need to create a partition by typing sudo fdisk / dev / sdb. So you will see a list of parameters.

Next, press the ‘p’ key in order to identify the drive to be formatted. Also, press the ‘n’ and ‘p’ key so that you can create a primary partition and type ‘1’. Later, check available partitions With the sudo mkfs.ext4 / dev / sdb commands, select the partition and press the ‘Y’ key to format.

Using Gparted

It is possible to format a Linux computer using the ‘Gparted’ application. To do this, open Gparted and choose the hard drive you are going to format. Immediately, select the partition you want to erase and wait a few seconds while the process completes. Confirm the operation and repeat the previous step if you want to delete other partitions.

What other tools are there to format a Linux PC?

There are other tools that can be used to format a Linux PC such as ‘KDE Partition Manager’ or ‘GNOME Disks’. Both options provide a graphical environment that allows edit partitions and manage hard drives connected to your computer.

format a disk in linux operating system

Similarly, you can format a Linux PC with another tool called ‘TestDisk’ that serves to create partitions, resize them, recover missing partitions (by scanning storage drives), recover files from hard drive and other useful functions.

KDE Partition Manager

‘KDE Partition Manager’ is a comprehensive application that allows to format different drives Storage and edit partitions through a user-friendly interface. In addition, the tool allows you to manage file systems and restore partitions when necessary.

You can download and install KDE Partition Manager from a Linux command window. Then open the app and seek unity in the ‘Devices’ section and partition. Click on ‘Properties’ and choose ‘File System’. Check the ‘Re-create existing file system’ box. Finally, press ‘OK’ and ‘OK’.


Similarly, you can clean everything on a disk using the ‘GNOME Disks’ tool. To achieve this, you must access a terminal window with the key combination ‘Ctrl + Alt + T’ and type the commands: sudo apt-get update –yy sudo apt-get install -y gnome-disk-utility. Open the application and locate the hard drive you want to format.

Next, enter the GNOME Disks menu that you will find in the upper right part of the screen and press the ‘Format disk’ option. Check what type of format your hard drive has, although you can use ‘MBR’ setting if you don’t have modern equipment. Finally, press ‘Format’.