How to format Acer Aspire without CD drive?

You want to refurbish your computer? Therefore, you would like know how to format an Acer Aspire without using a CD drive? Indeed, there are methods which are carried out using Bootable CD. However, it is common in modern computers that they no longer have a CD player. Do not worry, it is still possible. You can use a bootable usb stick or the tools offered on W10. However, the term “format a PC” is often misused. It is rather a question of reset your operating system. To allow you to understand all of these vocabularies, first we will explain to you what system reset compared formatting disk. Then when you see it more clearly, we will show you some methods as well as the steps to reset very easily your Acer Aspire.


Format or reset an Acer Aspire?

What is the purpose of formatting a drive on an Acer Aspire?

Format a hard drive aims to partition so that he has the ability to back up your data. This can be likened to the creation of shelves intended to furnish a cabinet. At the same time, all the data will be cleaned on your Acer Aspire. You will then have a disk returned to its factory condition.

However, this is possible when the OS is not installed on the player. Besides, the method to get there on a external hard drive is really simple. You can do this by a few clicks. It will simply be necessary to use File Explorer to right click on the disc. And finally it will be necessary to select “Format”.

Is it possible to format the main drive of your Acer Aspire?

Regarding the procedure for format the main drive of your Acer Aspire. it is not that simple because the operating system must not be erased. Otherwise you will no longer be able to have GUI and it will be impossible for you to use your computer.

So two solutions are available. It will take either reset W10 using dedicated features. This will allow you to keep some data present in your User folder. Or you can make the choice to reset it completely . Know that, you will be able to achieve this without needing a password. This will allow reinstall Windows 10 on the old version. For that, it will be necessary generate a bootable USB stick. We explain these two methods to you below in this tutorial.

These two methods are going to come in really handy when your OS is stuck and that you are experiencing blue screen issues with your Acer Aspire.

The steps to reset your Acer Aspire without CD drive:

For reset your Acer Aspire, you will have two possibilities. We have detailed each of them below.

Factory reset Acer Aspire using W10 tools:

Under W10 you can reset the OS across the Settings when the latter starts. But if not. It is also possible to do this procedure via WinRe. We present the two solutions below, so that you can choose the one that is most appropriate for your problem.

Your Acer Aspire starts up:

  1. Open the Windows settings with the keyboard shortcut Windows + i,
  2. Then press “Update and security”,
  3. And go to the section ” Recovery “,
  4. In the paragraph “Reset this PC”, Press on ” To start “,
  5. Then you can choose to “Keep my files” or ” Delete all “.
  6. And finally carry out the indicated steps.

Your Acer Aspire no longer turns on:

When your Acer Aspire no longer turns on, you must first access the recovery environment , by carrying out the following procedure on average 3 times:

  1. Click on the power button to activate the system,
  2. Then when the latter charges, click for more than 5 seconds on the power button again to turn it off.

When this is done you should see a blue “Choose an option” screen on your Acer Aspire. In order to initiate the system reset, perform the procedure below:

  1. Click on ” Repair ” in the first screen “Choose an option”,
  2. You will then be redirected to ” Problem resolution “, choose “Reset this PC”,
  3. As explained above, you will have to choose to keep your documents or not then follow the steps.

For more information on this subject. We also suggest that you read the article below: How to reset an Acer Aspire?

Reinstall Windows 10 on an Acer Aspire with a bootable USB stick:

If you want reinstall Windows 10 on your Acer Aspire. You must first generate bootable USB stick as explained below. Then you just have to start your computer with the USB key plugged into the USB port. Therefore, you will need to equip yourself with a blank USB key.

Generate a bootable USB stick for an Acer Aspire:

Turn on your Acer Aspire with the bootable USB key:

Once the USB stick is available. Simply connect it to your Acer Aspire. Then press the power button. In general the computer boot directly on the key, so you access the Windows installer. If not, you are going to have to access your computer’s BIOS for change the order of the boot. To know the method to achieve this, we advise you to read the article below: How do I enter the BIOS of my Acer Aspire?

To conclude: When you want format your Acer Aspire without using a CD player, it will rather be a question of reset the OS because your computer cannot work without it. You can do this either by using Windows functions via the Settings Update and security section “Recovery”. Or reinstall Windows with a bootable USB stick. Either way, this will erase apps and settings. But in the first method, you can keep some data.

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